When the Yoghurt Barn opened its doors, the shop immediately became my go to place for frozen yogurt. Now, I was curious to check out their High Tea option. So I invited a friend, made a reservation and packed my camera.

We were greeted by a very enthusiastic employee, who directed us to our table.  In mere seconds, she conjured up a tray full of little jars, which contained tea leaves. We were told that we’d be able to try them all since we could refill our tea pot with hot water as many times as we pleased.

My favorite tea flavor was Mon Cheri; a herbal tea made from apple, rose petals, heath flowers, lime-tree blossommarigold, safflower, and mallows. Another fan favorite is Notendroom (NutDream); a herbal tea made from caramelized almonds, cinnamon and apple. We were pleased to find out that you can buy these flavors at the Tea Bar in Amsterdam.

The Hight Tea is served on a big serving tray. We didn’t even know what we wanted to try out first.

High Tea at Yoghurt Barn

You get three different types of bread that you can dip in two homemade dipping sauces. Four yogurt Specials like the Crazy Cookie (mix of cookies, cinnamon, kiwi, and honey) and Merry Berry (mix of raspberries, blueberries and jam). You can either share or divide them. Banana cake, brownies and a granola like pastry. On top of that, there’s juice and dessert; frozen yogurt!

High Tea at Yoghurt Barn

High Tea at Yoghurt Barn

The employee did tell us that we could get doggy bags, but we didn’t need them. Although we had to slow down our pace when we left the shop, but it was worth it. Everything was really tasty and their products are organic.

High Tea at the Yoghurt Barn: 19.95 p.p.


Yoghurt Barn Neuden

Vinkenburgstraat 15
3512 AA Utrecht
T: 030 – 26 00 889
E: neude@yoghurtbarn.nl

Yoghurt Barn de Pijp

Eerste van der Helststraat 80
1072 NZ Amsterdam
T: 020 – 221 6932
E: depijp@yoghurtbarn.nl

Love, Izzy

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