When I was 17, I had really bad acne. I tired to get rid of it by using all kinds of anti-acne products, but they only tended to make things worse. That’s why I started to read up on all kinds of vitamins and DIY remedies. I don’t recall why Vitamin E grabbed my attention, but it became my holy grail.

I bought vitamin E capsules and started to squeeze the oil from the capsules into homemade skin remedies like the egg white mask and green tea scrub. Over time, my skin started to clear up.

When the Body Shop released a Vitamin E range, I obviously had to try it. I purchased the Vitamin E Moisture Serum to try in combination with my moisturized. My skin is rather dry at the moment, so I’m hoping that this combo will add some moisture to my face.

Vitamin E Moisture Serum


“Vitamin E protects, tara bush works within the skin to boost moisture levels. Instantly skin is smoothed, over time the future of your skin is protected.”

The Vitamin E Moisture Serum comes in a plastic bottle dispenser. The serum has a gel-like consistency that quickly sinks in. Half a pump is enough for my entire face. My face always feels refreshed after I apply this serum, it’s extremely lightweight and cool.

To me, the serum smells like Nivea Creme; the one that they sell in blue tins. It’s quite a nostalgic fragrance because my grand-grandma had that creme. She would always apply a little on my hands when her hands needed moisturizing.

Vitamin E Moisture Serum

(thank you mom, beautiful hand modeling)

I have to stress that this serum is a pre-moisturizer; therefore, you have to apply it before your regular moisturizer. As an experiment, I applied the vitamin E serum onto my face without moisturizer to see if anything would happen. I did this for a week, but I didn’t see any noticeable changes.

The vitamin E serum does its work once you start moisturizing. For example, I had a dry patch on my cheek that disappeared over night. Similarly, red marks on my chin started to fade after two days. The vitamin E serum speeds things up a bit and that’s why I love it.



Love, Izzy

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