It’s the only day of the year without a waiting line in front of the ladies’ room since the entire venue is mostly filled with men. It’s also a place where salad won’t ever be on the restaurant menu. I’m talking about the motorcycle fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

It’s an annual fair that my dad and I go to where different brands like Harley, Suzuki, Ducati and many more put a bunch of motorcycles on display.

It’s like a jewelry store for men.

I’m serious, all motorcycles are polished, some are put on pedestals, and others have their own platforms. And, obviously, you can buy them. It’s not like a museum though because you’re allowed to sit on some of the motorcycles and that’s like all the fun.

Everyone eagerly waits till their favorite motorcycle is unoccupied and practically jumps at it when the previous person gets off. Honestly, I’m just as bad as everyone else. It’s fun to sit on a motorcycle, especially on the pimped out ones you’ll never be able to afford.

Two years ago I fell in love with the Ducati Diavel (nicknamed it ‘my batmobile’), but I wasn’t allowed to sit on it because it was a new model.

Ducati Diavel

This year, however, me and a bunch of other guys got our dream fulfilled.

Ducati Diavel

At this kind of fair, some form of entertainment is required. You can ride electric motorcycles, you can watch guys do stunts but the creme de la creme came in the form of an exhaustion pipe.

I’m not kidding. A huge crowd of people surrounded the Kawasaki Ninja H2R (that black-green motorcycle below) to hear its exhaust sound. The people who were nearest to it had to have earplugs.



I was told that you can buy this motorcycle, but you can’t ride on it in some places due to noise regulations. At a certain point during the viewing I had to put my fingers in my ears; It. Was. Loud. (I may also have shortened my lifespan thanks to the fumes haha)

Bottom line: buy it, put it in your yard, and start it every day simply to annoy your neighborhood. That’s evil, but brilliant.

To anyone who is now wondering “why did they built it”, I say “because they can.”

After the viewing, everyone started clapping. Hilarious. There is just something thrilling about watching/doing thing in crowds. I was in England when William and Kate got married and I was cheering just as loud as all the Britons while I’m not even British!

Every year I’m also on a mission to find a pink motorcycle. My favorite color is pink, but I would never buy a pink motorcycle. The mission is just for fun; to see if it even exists. And it does! Some guys where making a custom pink Suzuki. It even has a blinged out crown on it.


If I’d ever buy a motorcycle, it’ll be a Suzuki because my grandpa had a Suzuki, and my dad has one.

But first, I should get myself a license.

Love, Izzy

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