MAC Cyber is not for the faint-hearted; it’s bold and it’s daring. I was looking for a dark purple lipsticks when I came across Cyber. It’s not a lipstick that many people own (let alone wear) so I decided to give it a try.

I don’t normally use lip pencils, but I feel like you need one for this look since you want the edges to be super clean. I pair Nightmoth with Cyber to create the perfect vampy lip.

Mac Cyber and Nightmoth

Cyber is labeled as a Satin/Semi-matte lipstick. This means that the texture feels very smooth on the lips and the lipstick shouldn’t be as drying as a matte lipstick. Since it’s not quite matte, the lipstick will have a slight sheen to it.

It’s a dark color, but I don’t think that Cyber makes people look Gothic-like or halloweeny. You simply need to pair Cyber with the right outfit or eye makeup (and leave the Taylor Momsen panda look at home).

I wore this lipstick to a family gathering and my uncle’s first reaction was “wow what are you wearing?!” but after a while he went like “you know, it looks good.” That’s probably the reaction that you’ll often get from most people. Just because it’s something that they’re not used to, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look good.

Mac Cyber and Nightmoth

I tend to outline my lips with Nightmoth before applying Cyber (You can create some serious Kylie Jenner lips with this combo! Even though we now know that her lips are fake).

Nightmoth is a blackened plum color that also works well with Sin and Diva. Like the MAC lipsticks, the pencils are also long-wearing (Cyber can last up to 5 hours).

Mac Nightmoth

Nighmoth Lip Pencil

For this review I decided to also fill in my lips with Nighmoth (normally I only outline them). It’s a pretty plum color that you could wear on its own, but with Cyber on top it’ll look something like this:

Mac Cyber and Nightmoth

Nightmoth and Cyber (No Flash)

Mac Cyber and Nightmoth

Nightmoth and Cyber (Flash)

(Yeah, I become quite pale when I take pics with flash… avoiding SPF foundation since forever…)

On a final note, I must say that I do find Cyber a bit drying even though it’s not supposed to be drying. That’s why I always apply lip balm forehand or scrub my lips with some homemade sugar/honey scrub. Nevertheless it’s a gorgeous color so dry lips won’t stop me from wearing it.

Do you have Cyber? What are your thoughts on it? When do you wear it?

Love, Izzy

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