Girls who are obsessed with makeup probably own a red lipstick in every shade and at every price point. People who are not obsessed with lipsticks might think that we are crazy: red is red, isn’t one enough?!


It’s not even all about the color. Lipsticks have different textures; some are matte (rather drying), others are creamy, glossy or frosted (very shimmery). One is easy to apply, the other isn’t. Some are longwearing, others aren’t. This one has uniform coverage, that one applies unevenly. That one has a sheer coverage, this one is opaque. Since I’m one of those obsessed people I can probably think of many more reasons to buy different red lipsticks (some make my teeth look brighter and that one just LOOKS PRETTY).

But I’ll stop right there and show you three different red lipsticks that I own.

Red Lipsticks: Essence, Mac, Dior

Dare to Wear by Essence is the cheapest lipstick that I own. It’s only €2,39. It has a creamy texture and a sheer finish.  It’s supposed to be longwearing, but I disagree. You have to reapply frequently. You also have to apply multiple coats to get the deep red color. Otherwise it will look a bit pinkish (see outer edges in swatch picture).

Russian Red by MAC retails for €19. Even though Russian Red fits into the matte formula category, it has a rather creamy texture and an opaque coverage. It’s a dream to apply since it applies easily and one coat is enough. But since it’s still a matte formula, it may be a bit drying. However, matte equals 5 to 6 hours of coverage without having to reapply; and that’s amazing.

Rouge Bingo (they changed the name to Ange Bleu. Why? I dunno) by Dior is my fancy expensive lipstick that retails around €40. I call it fancy because of its gold and blue striped case. It’s a blue toned red and it has a creamy texture with a great opaque coverage. It’s unbelievably longwearing and doesn’t feather or bleed throughout the day.

Red Lipsticks: Essence, Mac, Dior

Red Lipsticks: Essence, Mac, Dior

The moment of truth. Do you see the difference? In color, texture and finish. I do (fun fact: men don’t see as many shades of red as women do, but they tend to remember the lady who wore something red to a party).

Red Lipsticks: Essence, Mac, Dior

I love all of these lipsticks, I just wear them on different occasion since they have different pros and cons. I usually wear Dare to Wear when I don’t have to be out of the house for too long. That way you don’t have to reapply the lipstick all day long. It’s a pretty but not that special shade of red. If you want to add a little bit of pop, wear Dare to Wear. Russian Red is my ‘wow-in-your-face I’m-wearing-red-lipstick-today’ sort of lipstick (did that just make sense..?). I can deal with the dryness since the color is worth it. And Rouge Bingo is a classy red lipstick that you can also wear to work or a lecture without it being too overpowering.

What’s your favorite red lipstick and how many do you have?

Love, Izzy

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