For a really long time, I didn’t have a morning or a nighttime skin care routine. But then you start hearing all kinds of stories about how important it is to properly clean your face before going to bed and you decide to invest in a proper nighttime routine anyways.

My skin is quite sensitive, so it was hard to find the right products that do not result in more breakouts or skin irritations. Eventually, I gravitated towards Clinique since the products are allergy tested and 100% perfume free (Plus, I’m kind of a Clinique addict. You may have noticed that by now).

I bought the Clinique 3-Step Kit  and I’m happy with the results. In the long run, it’s probably cheaper to start buying the bigger versions; but, these are so handy because you can take them with you everywhere you go.

Clinique offers different kits for different skin types, mine is for the dry combination skin (Type 2). The other kits are for very dry/dry skin (Type 1), combination oily skin (Type 3), and oily skin (Type 4).

You get a liquid facial soap, a clarifying lotion, and a moisturizer.

 Clinique 3-Step Kit

Step 1: Liquid Facial Soap (mild)

This soap is great to get rid of all residue that may be left on your face. I remove all my makeup with makeup remover first and then use this soap to wash off anything I missed. It foams up and cleans your face pretty well.

 Clinique 3-Step Kit

Step 2: Clarifying Lotion

The clarifying lotions removes dead skin cells and reduces oil in the pores. You have to put a little on a cotton pad and sweep it over your face (and neck). You don’t need to rub it in or anything. One sweep is enough.

The clarifying lotions contains alcohol, you can feel it stinging sometimes, but it doesn’t necessary dry out your skin since the next step is moisturizing.

 Clinique 3-Step Kit

Step 3: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

This step hydrates your skin and makes it feel all smooth and soft. The lotion is not too runny and very lightweighted. It quickly sinks in and you don’t need a lot to moisturize your entire face.

I also often use The Bodyshop’s Vitamin E Moisture Serum before applying the moisturizer.

 Clinique 3-Step Kit

I also use Clinique’s All About Eyes gel to keep the skin around my eyes smooth and soft.

I feel like you have to keep using the 3-Step Kit if you want to maintain the results. The moment you stop using any of the products, your skin starts missing something. It’s also recommended to use the kit twice a day. Too bad that I’m too lazy to use it every morning. Nonetheless, I keep using it at night because these products clean my face really well.

At first you may struggle to figure out how much of everything you need; but in the end, you’ll figure it out. When I’m not careful I tend to run out of the Clarifying Lotion the fastest. The soap seems to lasts the longest.


€ 29,95

Love, Izzy

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