Why limit the pillow fight fun to a slumber party when you can take it outside and battle against a hundred strangers?!

How To

Step 1: Invite your Friends

Preferably wearing the Proper Attire, like a Onesie

OnesiesStep 2: Find a Gorgeous Location

Like the Domplein Square in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

De Dom

Step 3: Get in the Mood

by Waving your Pillow

International Pillow Fight DayStep 4: FIGHT

International Pillow Fight Day

Step 5: Realize that a Onesie wasn’t the Proper Attire since there’s a Dude wearing Armour

(not that that’s stopping that girl from trying to smack him)

International Pillow Fight DayStep 6: Make it Snow

(and pray that you’re not allergic to feathers)

International Pillow Fight Day

International Pillow Fight DayStep 7: Have Fun

International Pillow Fight Day

International Pillow Fight Day

International Pillow Fight Day

Now it’s your turn

Saturday the 4th of April was International Pillow Fight Day. Many cities around the world organized massive pillow fights. Charlotte (from Once Upon Our Story) and I decided to head over to Utrecht and check it out. We didn’t participate, but to see all the madness go down was unbelievably entertaining. And although everyone dumped their pillow at the end of the pillow fight, you could still spot the people who participated when you walked through the city as everyone had a bunch of feathers stuck in their hair.

Love, Izzy

p.s. People did help clean up all the feathers 😉

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