It’s been a while since I’ve written a lipstick post. That’s because I was on a quest to find the perfect nude lipstick. I swatches so many lipsticks in the process that I eventually had to sleep on it.

But it has finally been decided and I purchased Twig!

Somehow I always end up at the MAC counter… They just have so many different and amazing shades that I can’t help it! I’m always jealous of all those “my MAC collection” posts and YouTube videos. I want to own that many MAC lipsticks as well. Someday…

Twig is classified as a satin lipstick. A lot of people adore the satin MAC lipsticks because they are rich in color and have a semi-matte finish. This means that they are still longwearing, but not as drying as matte lipsticks.

Mac Twig Swatch

I really love the color; it’s a soft brownish shade that adds a little pizazz to the lips. Most people don’t even notice that I’m wearing lipstick when I’m actually wearing Twig. So I feel like this lipstick has passed the no-makeup-makeup-look test.

It applies easily, one sweep and you’re done. The famous vanilla smell is there as well. In addition, it doesn’t bleed!

Twig definitely doesn’t dry out my lips and I can easily wear it for 5 hours straight (Although, it doesn’t survive a meal. You’ll have to reapply once you’re done eating.)

It’s also one of those versatile shades that can go with any outfit. Aka the perfect nude lipstick.

Mac Twig Lip Swatch

Love, Izzy

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