I decided to be a tourist in my own little (not really) country and headed down South to another Dutch city called Breda.

The city center isn’t that big, but the city does have some amazing cafés! Be prepared to spend lots of money on food.

The Chocolate Company Café and Latte’s and Literature really caught my eye, so I’d like to introduce them to you.

Chocolate Company Café

Chocolate Company Café

Chocolate Company Café

This place is like chocolate heaven for chocoholics. FYI, I am one.

They sell chocolate bonbons, chocolate spread, hotchocspoons (aka hot chocolate on a stick), and all kinds of chocolate bars and candy.

Chocolate Company Café

If you ever need a birthday gift, pop by and fill a box of chocolates or buy a hotchocspoon in some curious flavor like Irish wisky, hot chili orange or cognac. Or play it save and go for hazelnut, cookie coconut or praline nougat.

Chocolate Company Café

You don’t have to go overload on chocolate though, the Chocolate Company Café also serves sandwiches and coffee. And if you’re in the mood for a High Tea or a High Choc, then you’re still in the right place.

I’ve been to many High Teas, but I’ve never tried a High Choc before. At the High Choc, you’ll get hot chocolate milk, tea, cakes, and bonbons. On top of that, you’ll get fruit, marshmallows and cookies to dip into a mini chocolate fondue, and a sweet and savory sandwich. Admit it, it does sound good.

Looks like I’ll have to head back soon and try it out.

Chocolate Company Café

Latte’s and Literature

This cute shop sells a bunch of English books in all kinds of different genres; fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, young-adult, classics etc. They even have manga and boardgames (both in English and Dutch!)

Latte's and Literature

I couldn’t help putting a little wishlist together while I was taking the pictures.

I think I’ve mentioned my love for Marvel movies in the Dutch Comic Con post, and Latte’s and Literature has the Marvel Year By Year book. It could be interesting to read about the revolution of Marvel Comics. We all know Hannah Hart (shame on you if you don’t. Go watch her YouTube videos). I quickly skimmed through My Drunk Kitchen and it looked like a lot of fun. It’s full of stories, recipes and cooking tips. (I kind of burn water. so maybe Hannah can teach me how to cook. Maybe I’m a great cook when I’m drunk, you never know). The shop also has a bunch of classics in fancy editions, which would look great in my future home library.

Most girls want a walk in closet; I want a home library (and a walk in closet :p).


When you finally come to terms with the fact that you can’t buy the whole store, you can place your bum on a chair, order coffee and immediately start reading whatever book you did decide to buy that day.

Latte's and Literature

Their menu is the cutest thing ever!

Menu Latte's and Literature

The coffee specials and sandwiches are named after books and book characters. I just finished reading Love, Rosy, so I had to try the special that’s named after it’s main character, Rosie Dunne. I’ve also never had honey in my coffee before, so it was a new brew for me and I really liked it. It had the perfect touch of sweetness.

It’s kind of hilarious that the Moby Dick sandwich is a tuna sandwich. Very appropriate.

Love, Izzy


Have you ever been a tourist in your own town/city/country? Feel free to share some of your adventures below.



Chocolate Company Cafe
Ginnekenstraat 153
4811 JG Breda

Latte’s and Literature
Nieuwstraat 18
4811 WV Breda

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