I’ve got a new music lineup for you!

I’ve written my first Discover Music post last February and I feel like continuing the trend.

Discover Music April Edition

Zella Day

The first time (or so I thought) I heard a song by Zella was while I was listening to the Insurgent soundtrack. Sacrifice is featured on it. I immediately went over to YouTube to check out more of her songs and realized that I already listened to the song Hypnotic since it was featured in The Vampire Diaries. Seriously guys, the person who picks out songs for TVD is amazing. I get half my playlist from them. It even turns out that TVD also featured the song Compass in the same season as Hypnotic.

Zella is an American singer-songwriter. Her songs are dreamy, but still kind of upbeat. She’s being compared to Lana Del Rey by many. Sometimes I can hear what they mean, when she hits certain notes, but most of the time I think that she has her own distinct voice and I’m hoping that she’ll have her big breakout this year.


Woodkid (real name Yoann Lemoine) is a French singer-songwriter. Many of his songs have been featured in TV series, movies and even games. Dior Homme played the song Iron at their Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show.

Woodkid was also featured on the Divergent soundtrack. In the scene were Tris is running with the Dauntless for the first time, you’ll hear Run Boy Run. Somehow the beat intrigued me, so I had to hear the full song. Not only did I find an amazing singer, but also a great director and a graphic artist.

He directed the two videos that I’ve uploaded here. I love how they are so similar and that they both tell a story. You can’t get your eyes of the striking visuals. You’ll also notice that he isn’t using bass or guitars. You’ll hear drums and an orchestra playing.

Years & Years

Years & Years consists of three band members: Olly (vocals), Mikey and Emre. They are a British group that have been around for 5 years, but they only debuted in 2012. The Dutch radio and TV have been blasting their new song King for quite a few weeks; it has been highly requested over here.

Their songs are kind of a mix between electropop and house. You’ll just want to throw your hands up and do whatever Emily Browning is doing in the Take Shelter video. Some of you may know her from the movies Sucker Punch and Pompeii.

Overall, their songs give off some good vibes.

Love, Izzy

Feel free to leave more music recommendations below!

(picture source x, y, z)

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