It’s Sunday afternoon, you’re lying on your bed with your PJs on, music is playing, and you’re waiting for the face mask to do its job before you can rinse it off.

That sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Now, imagine this:

It’s Sunday morning, you just woke up, you go to the fridge, you pull out an ice tray from the freezer, get an ice cube and start icing your face.

Not sure how many of you have done that before, but I’m going to challenge you to try it.


I bring out this ritual when the sun starts shining. Most people adore the sun and can’t wait to get outside and tan, while I don’t particularly like the sun because I turn red and swell. It’s the sad truth, I’m allergic to the sun.

To reduce the swelling and the redness,ย caused by either sunburn, skin irritation or pimples, I ice my skin in the morning and the evening during the entire summer (unless I’m too lazy or busy on a particular day, which obviously does happen once in a while. OK maybe more than once in a while. Hey, I’m only human).

After the facial, you’ll look like a tomato for a couple of minutes. But, don’t worry. You’ll get your natural skin color back. The facial simply improved the blood circulation.

If you keep up with this homemade remedy your skin should become smoother and the larger pores might even start to shrink. And if your skin is perfect already, you can always use the ice cubes to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes.


How To

I prefer to brew either green tea or chamomile tea, let it cool for a while and pour it into an ice tray. I’ve noticed that green tea helps to clear my skin a lot faster, while chamomile tea seems to help to reduce sunburn and swelling a lot quicker.

You can either apply an ice cube directly to your face or wrap a few up in a washcloth. I prefer to apply it directly to my face, but I don’t apply it straight from the freezer since extreme cold can break the capillaries under the skin. Take the tray or an ice cube out of the freezer and wait till it starts to melt a little.

Move the ice cube in circular motions along your face. I never do this longer than 3 minutes. At a certain point your face or hands will start to feel cold and that’s when I stop.


Now I’m curious, has anyone tried this before? Or will you try it?

Love, Izzy

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