On King’s Day I said that I should have bought an orange lipstick (orange is the national color of The Netherlands, so on every national holiday you’re expected to wear orange). At the time I was only joking, simply because I didn’t have anything to wear on King’s Night (and even though it is the national color, many Dutchies still don’t even have an orange t-shirt). But later on I thought maybe I should really buy an orange lipstick? I can rock orange lips!

Mac Morange

I purchased Morange by MAC, and I can’t get over how gorgeous this shade is!

I opted for a bright orange shade since bright colored lipsticks always look great on people with a pale skin, and I’m practically a ghost so it simply couldn’t go wrong.

Mac Morange Swatch

Morange is an amplified creme lipstick. These are creamy, glossy and pigmented. Compared to matte MAC lipsticks that can last up to 6 hours, these aren’t that long wearing. But the wear-time is a good 2 hours (if you don’t eat or drink in the meantime).

Morange also makes my teeth look whiter! That’s the first thing I immediately noticed when I tried it on in the store.

Some say that amplified creme lipsticks tend to feather, but mine stayed on and didn’t bleed even without a lip liner. I must say that I’m very careful not to smudge my lipstick. I even have a straw in my carry on water bottle.

Mac Morange

Not only did my MAC collection grow thanks to this purchase, but I also got a few compliments while wearing this lipstick.

So, are you a fan of orange lipsticks?

Love, Izzy

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