Once upon a time a little bakery opened its doors to the magical kingdom of The Netherlands. After having delighted so many people with their deliveries, they opened up a shop called Sweet Things. Near the shop lived little princess Izzy who was in love with everything that’s made out of chocolate or cake. She heard the news and had to sneak out of the palace to try out the goodies.

Since the journey could be very dangerous, she invited her fellow princess Zazi to join her. They were both overexcited to eat the magical cupcakes that were rumored to be super delicious.

They set out on an adventure and after a long journey (10 minutes) they entered the shop and were amazed. Cupcakes, brownies, pies in all flavors and sizes were right in front of them.

Sweet Things

Sweet Things Cupcakes

So they did what all princesses do, they bought every flavor cupcake the shop had and ate them.

The End.

. . .

I may be on a sugar rush right now. No, I am definitely on a sugar rush right now.

All jokes aside, we really did go to that shop twice in one day haha. Before and after our four hour lecture. The girl behind the counter recognized us the second time around.

The cupcakes were delicious! Luckily, that rumor wasn’t a lie.

My favorite has to be Cherry Chocolate. It’s a chocolate cupcake with gooey cherry jam on the inside and cherry cream on top. Fruity Vanilla was a close second though.

I think it’s a pity that you can’t sit down, order cupcakes (and coffee/tea) and eat them in the store. The shop is just too small for a sitting area.

But, on a sunny day you can find lots of cool places to sit in Utrecht. Like this amazing Harry-Potter-like garden (officially called Pandhof van de Domkerk) near the Domplein Square. I’ve actually visited Lacock Abbey a few years ago. They shot parts of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at this abbey (mainly the hallways, some classrooms and the scene where Harry walks up to a fountain and released Hedwig into the air). Memo to self: find those pictures!

So, yeah, we ate our cupcakes here, with this serene backdrop haha.


Sweet Things is now officially my to go place for cupcakes in Utrecht. Guess I’ll be ordering lots of them for every festive occasion haha.

Love, Izzy


Adress Sweet Things:

Twijnstraat 21

3511 ZG Utrecht

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