Can you tell that I’m in a bit of a cupcake mood?! Last week I discovered a cute little bakery that sells cupcakes and in the same week I found an entire shop dedicated to cupcakes! Yeah I’m just a teeny bit behind on posting. Sue me!

It’s called A Cup of Cake and is located in Breda. The last time I’ve been in Breda I already added the Chocolate Company Café and Latte’s and Literature to my hot spots list, and A Cup of Cake definitely deserves a spot on this list as well!

A Cup of Cake

A Cup of Cake Store Breda

I totally approve of the interior since my favorite color is pink! Everything looks so adorable, and basically reminds me of sweets (which in turn makes me want to buy cupcakes).

It’s cool that they have included a little sitting area. You can fit 8 people inside and 4 people outside. I think it’s a cute little place to go to when you haven’t seen one of your friends in a while and you need to catch up. You can order tea, coffee or juice and eat your cupcake while having a chat.

That’s exactly what my friend and I did. We had cupcakes for lunch and went to see Tomorrowland after. However, the movie theater decided not to play Tomorrowland but Spy haha. They didn’t even realize their mistake until someone went over to tell them. I’m still not sure whether I liked Tomorrowland or not. I loved the optimism of the main character Casey and Athena was awesome, but after Hugh Laurie’s environment speech the entire movie felt like a WWF commercial. Plus, the ending was kind of abrupt…

A Cup of Cake Sitting Area

But never mind that. Let’s get back to the cupcakes because I really want to write an ode to the cream cheese on this Carameltdown cupcake that I ordered.

Unfortunately, my poetry skills are non-existent. So I’ll just have to describe to you how amazingly delicious the cream cheese was! Let’s just say that if they’d give me a can of their cream cheese, I’ll delightedly eat it with a spoon. I don’t know what these people do to make it taste so heavenly, but I hope they’ll keep doing it!

Crispy Hazelnut Cupcake

A Cup of Cake Breda

One cupcake was obviously not enough for me! So I decided to bring a few home. I picked the flavors Classic Red Velvet, Cheeky Cheesecake, Crispy Hazelnut, and Chocolate Chip. These basically embody all of my favorite flavors! Cheesecake and red velvet cakes are yummy and my favorite chocolate is hazelnut chocolate.

I didn’t eat them all by myself, if that’s what you’re wondering. I did share with my parents, who also loved them. Next time I’ll have to bring another batch home, obviously.

A Cup of Cake Menu

For now, Classic Red Velvet is my favorite flavor. But, as you can see, I have a few more to try. Each day they make 8 different cupcakes, so it’s always a surprise to see which ones they baked that day. You can also order a few and therefore pick any of the flavors! And if you want a cupcake with a picture of Brad Pitt’s face on top, then they can do that too.

Cupcakes A Cup Of Cake

Love, Izzy


Address A Cup of Cake:

Sint Janstraat 6

4811 ZL Breda

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