A few weeks ago I left a comment on Uli’s blog saying that I loved making paper flower bouquets when I was little. She replied that we were so much more creative as kids sometimes. This made me wonder why some of us stop being creative once we reach a certain age. Or should I more bluntly say when we “grow up?!”

I guess most of us will blame our declining creativity on time. We need to write essays, do assignments, work to pay the rent, we want to hang out with friends, party, or binge watch TV series for hours (days, or weeks). We don’t have the time to pick up a pencil and draw (unless it involves doodling on a notebook during a boring lecture).

To watch the world with the eyes of a child might actually be the secret to creativity. Children are often amazed by everything. The world is a playground to them.

Drawings of Angel and Tree

I admit that I haven’t drawn anything in a while, but I did try to destroy my Wreck This Journal. And that does count as a form of creativity. Still, I want to take up drawing again. It used to be my favorite subject in secondary school; I always looked forward to those lessons. Although I am still horrible at drawing people, I’m pretty good at drawing objects and animals. Of course I can still improve and you might think that other people can draw better than me, but I’m not going to compare myself to others. I have my way of drawing, they have theirs. The bottom line is that we are all being creative.

By the way, not many students picked art as a subject in their final year; our class consisted of about 7 people. It did turn us into a supportive bunch though, and we had a lot of fun. We were allowed to bring food to class, got to visit a couple of museums, and went to a zoo to draw animals; I was sooo proud of my elephant drawing. It was the first time I drew something using watercolor pencils.

Angel Drawing

Students who didn’t choose art often said that they were bad at drawing or they didn’t see a point in drawing. Mind you, drawing wasn’t obligatory. You could also make stuff out of clay or scrap paper if you wanted. And I definitely do see a point in drawing:

  1. It relieves stress
  2. It’s relaxing
  3. It’s fun
  4. It’s a great form of self-expression
  5. It can result in personal satisfaction
  6. It’s eternal
  7. It can inspire others

Having said that, being creative doesn’t mean that you have to be able to draw. You can sing, write, dance or even cook and be creative in what you do.

So I dare you to observe the world with the eyes of a child. Break some boundaries and create some art.

Love, Izzy

A Cup of Cake
Clinique Pop Lip Colour Punch Pop
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