Most of us most likely don’t immediately associate Clinique with lipsticks. I personally think that the brand is way more known for its skin care products. But boy oh boy do they do a great job when they do release a lipstick range!

I’ve tried one of Clinique’s long last lipsticks (shade 10 Berry Freeze) before, loved it and couldn’t resist buying something from the Clinique pop lip colour + primer rouge intense + base range.

This time I went for a pink lipstick and purchased Punch Pop, which is a lovely dark pink color.

Lip Pop Punch Pop

I love how smoothly this lipstick glides on your lips. The formula is so weightless that it seriously feels like you are wearing lip balm, which is probably why it also says primer in the very long product name haha. The priming properties really do nourish your lips.

Punch Pop has a velvet finish, the color is bold, and it looks simply amazing on the lips.

Clinique Lip Pop Punch Pop Swatch

The color can last 2 to 4 hours, depending on what you do to/with your lips.

I had to touch up after lunch and dinner, but it stayed on fine during the rest of the day. And even though my entire face was melting thanks to the scorching sun, Punch Pop didn’t let me down by feathering or bleeding. Good job Punch Pop!

At the end of the day I removed it with a tissue and it actually left behind a faint pink stain.

Punch Pop Lip Swatch

I really like this lipstick. It’s definitely a winner for me. It’s nourishing, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing lipstick, and the color is great. I might need to go check out the other shades as well haha.

Any recommendations? Have you tried any of the other shades?

Love, Izzy

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