It’s time for another How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes post! We all know that we have to clean our makeup brushes once in a while. Preferably after each use, but at least once a week.

Basically, I was wondering what the best way to clean them would be. So in my last How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes post, I tried to clean my makeup brushes using the Mac Brush Cleanser, dishwashing soap and extra virgin olive oil. You can find the verdict here.

I know that a lot of people prefer to clean their brushes with soap or shampoo. So I gave these two a try, and I’m not disappointed!


I dipped my brush into water to make it damp and started to massage the brush into my olive oil soap. The makeup residue started to come off almost immediately. After massaging it into the bar for a while, I dipped the brush into the water again and wiped it off on a cotton pad.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes


I squeezed a bit of shampoo into a bowl and dipped my damp makeup brush into it. As you can see below, some of the makeup residue came off immediately. To clean the brush properly I massaged it into a cotton pad, then rinsed it with water.

I will repeat what I said before: Make sure to rinse your brush with lukewarm water after cleaning it with whatever cleaning product you prefer. Wipe it with a paper towel and lay it flat to dry.

A lot of people seem to use baby shampoo, which I didn’t have so I used my regular shampoo and it didn’t ruin my brush. I kind of have this feeling that it doesn’t really matter what shampoo you use, as long as you don’t apply a huge amount of whatever product you’re using. When you use way too much shampoo, for example, you might not be able to rinse it all out. The next time you use that brush, you’ll be applying makeup and shampoo on your face.

Also, remember not to submerge your brush in water when you’re rinsing it as it might loosen the glue on the handle and the bristles might start to fall out.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Both of these techniques work really well! I now see why people prefer to clean their brushes with soap or shampoo so much. The moment your brush touches either of the products, makeup residue starts to come off. My brushes feel clean, look clean and are clean.

So, what brush cleaning technique didn’t I try yet?

Love, Izzy

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