The sun is out this week and so are my legs. It’s summer, so we need to get back into our shaving and exfoliating routine. If you’ve been shaving and exfoliating all year round then I salute you. Good job.

Facial scrub, body scrub, leg scrub, they all do the same thing: remove dead skin. They simply target different parts of your body. Once the dead skin is gone, your skin is able to absorb any other moisturizing cream, body butter or whatever cream you’re putting on your body a lot better.

Removing dead skin from your legs can result in having smooth and soft legs, and who doesn’t want that!? If you have bumps on your legs it might be due to dead skin because dead skin cells can block hair follicles. That’s why you need to scrub your legs once in a while and apply moisturizer after every scrub session. Look for a moisturizer that has shea butter in it. Shea butter can repair your skin’s moisture barrier.

You can obviously buy a ready-made scrub and use it, but you can also make your own scrub.

Here are my favorite DIY leg scrubs.

DIY Leg Scrub #1

Leg Scrub: Green Tea Honey Vitamin E


  • Green Tea
  • Honey
  • Vitamin E

Green tea works as an antioxidant. Honey soothes and smooths your skin, but it’s also a great pore cleanser. Vitamin E can protect your skin from aging and sunburns.

You can use loose leaf tea or simply cut open a tea bag that you just used to brew tea. Mix the green tea with honey, and add a few drops of vitamin E oil.

I have these vitamin E capsules that I take every morning. I cut them open and squeeze the oil out of the capsules. You can also buy vitamin E in liquid form, but I won’t be able to swallow that every morning. My grandma does that though. I tried it once, but it tasted soooo bad. I don’t know how my grandma can stand the taste. Ironically, a lot of the things that taste bad are good for you…

DIY Leg Scrub #2

Leg Scrub: Sugar and Olive Oil


  • Olive Oil
  • Sugar

This one is fairly easy. You simply mix olive oil with sugar.

Olive oil restores skin smoothness, has anti-aging benefits and protects your skin against UV light. Why? Because olive oil contains vitamin E. DIY beauty hack right there. It’s also a great moisturizer.

I’m not sure if this is the best scrub for people with an oily skin since the olive oil might make your skin even oilier. My skin is normally rather dry so it’s alright for me.

I’ve also read that if you have oily skin, you might prefer sea salt scrubs over sugar scrubs. Some people make DIY leg scrub with table salt, but you have to keep a few things in mind if you do that. Salt particles are a lot bigger than sugar particles. So sugar is much more gentle than salt. Apparently, salt can even cut and damage your skin. That’s why I would never use table salt for a DIY facial scrub. Your legs should be fine since the skin on your legs is thicker and less sensitive, but do stick to sugar scrubs if you do have a sensitive skin.

If you want to try a salt scrub I’d buy one instead of making a DIY salt scrub. Just to be save.

Combination #3

Leg Scrub: Sugar, Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Honey


  • Honey
  • Olive Oil (Vitamin E -wink wink-)
  • Sugar

Put all of this stuff together because why not!? You’re pretending to be an alchemist anyway. Might as well have fun.

#4 I’m too lazy/not in the mood for DIY so I’ll just buy a scrub

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

For €15,00 or €18,00 you can get a Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub, or a Virgin Mojito Body Scrub, or a Shea Body Scrub or a … yeah you get it. A lot of different scrubs at The Body Shop. These scrubs smell so good and work well. I really really want to try the Firming Talasso-Scrub by Collistar, but I’m not so sure if I want to spend €40 on a scrub… It’s a sea salt scrub though so it would be fun to see whether my skin feels different after using a salt scrub instead of a sugar scrub. I could use the Collistar scrub on my left leg and The Body Shop scrub on my right leg to compare hahaha. Kneipp also has some great sugar scrubs for only €6-10.

DIY scrub, The Body Shop scrub, Collistar scrub, Kneipp scrub – take your pick and have fun scrubbing.

Love, Izzy

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