I admit that I have to upgrade my own Instagram skills since I haven’t been posting a lot lately. But I still love Instagram. Some people post the most breathtaking pictures! I wish they would teach me their ways haha.

Some people really inspire me and that’s why I would love to share which Instagram accounts I adore the most.

My Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram Accounts to Follow

@shamekhbluwiFashion Illustrator

I may not write a whole lot about fashion (OK, I haven’t written anything about fashion so far), but that doesn’t mean that I’m totally ignorant. I love to watch E! Live from the Red Carpet and all the different fashion shows. It’s amazing to see what some designers can do with clothes and accessories.

Shamekh is an architect, a visual artist, and a fashion illustrator. He often recreates looks that were recently shown on the runway. I bet you can immediately spot designs by Dior and Alexander McQueen in the pictures above. I’m obsessed with Shamekh’s illustrations. They are gorgeous. My hands always start to itch when I see them, and I really want to start drawing something myself.


Instagram Accounts to Follow

@yourlifestyleguideLifestyle Blogger

Jolien is the mastermind behind the Dutch blog: Your Lifestyle Guide. She often posts pictures of her holidays, good looking food, and pretty interior on her Instagram. I always get this feel good vibe from her. She basically makes life look awesome; even by taking the most random pictures of houses, cars and gardens.

I often get inspired to enjoy the little things in life thanks to Jolien.



@thedishonhealthyHealth Food Blogger

I’ve only discovered this account a few weeks ago, but I fell in love with it almost immediately. How can’t I, really?! It’s full of food, and I love food. But like I’ve said before I struggle with healthy eating. So imagine how stoked I was to realize that Aleyda, who posts all these images of healthy food, also has a blog where you can find all the recipes.


Instagram Accounts to Follow


I’m 99.9% sure that you’ve seen one of these pictures somewhere and said that it was an amazing shot. I mostly spotted these on Tumblr and Facebook before I realized that this person whose hand I see must have an Instagram account.

And he did. I present to you Murad Osmann and his “Follow Me” series. The concept is pretty simple, he follows his girlfriend (now wife) around the world and captures their precious moments. But, wow, how beautifully he does that. If I ever get to meet him, I’ll probably not be able to say anything else than ‘teach me, master!


Instagram Accounts to Follow

@margaret_zhangFashion Blogger

I adore Margaret Zhang. She is a fashion blogger, a photographer, a law student, a stylist, like what doesn’t this girl do?! Her blog is called Shine by Three and it’s full of fashion, beauty, travel, and much more. She was on this show called Fashion Bloggers that I still watch sometimes and she really stood out to me since she was so dedicated to everything that she does. But she also said that her blogging journey doesn’t revolve around having followers. She simply loves what she does.

That’s why she is a big source of inspiration to me.

When you start out as a blogger it’s easy to loose yourself. Some people talk about followers like it’s the only measurement of success, but it really isn’t. You have to be passionate about your own work and you need to challenge yourself, but most of all you need to enjoy it and have fun. All bloggers will of course still cherish the people who support them, who like their pictures and comment on their blog, but it’s still up the blogger to make his/her blog a success.

Love, Izzy


What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Feel free to share them below.

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