For the past few weeks I’ve only heard people talk about Jumpsquare: a 2000 m2 indoor trampoline park that recently opened in Nieuwegein (Utrecht). Apparently, 2000 m2 is huge since every newspaper headline goes like this: “JUMPSQUARE: THE BIGGEST INDOOR TRAMPOLINE PARK IN THE EU.”

OK, Wait. Trampoline park? That’s not only for kids?

I’m in.

Let’s do this!


I asked Charlotte to accompany me since she is my adventure-buddy. We always travel to random places together and try out stuff the both of us have never done before. Like the outdoor pillow fight on international pillow fight day, remember that?

I realize that an indoor trampoline park may not seem super exciting for some people (especially if you’re living in America where they have a bunch of these venues), but I honestly believe that this is the first indoor trampoline park in the Netherlands that resembles those kinds of indoor trampoline parks they have in America. So, yeah, everyone who hears about Jumpsquare is pretty excited and wants to go there.

So, let’s pretend that this is your first time walking into an indoor trampoline park.

I don’t have to pretend since I haven’t been to one of these before.



When you first walk in, it doesn’t really look that big. But wait until you’re actually standing in one of the 5 areas. Then you realize how much space you’ve got to jump around. Especially at the fun (freestyle) area, which is a 400 m2 area consisting only of trampolines. Charlotte and I can’t do any special tricks apart from a butt bounce, so you won’t see us do somersaults here, but it’s already a whole lot of fun to simply jump from one trampoline to another.

The slackline area wasn’t a big success. Both of us kept falling off into the foam pit. I was hoping that one of us would get stuck so we could laugh about it, but it was pretty easy to get out. I’ll make sure to come back and practice a bit more.


I had more fun at the sport area, pretending to be Michael Jordan while humming Space Jam. If you’ve always wanted to slam dunk, then this is your chance.

Charlotte was being very graceful at the trick area. Those high performance trampolines really push you high up into the air. Some guys were doing front flips, back flips, and side flips in this area. You won’t see me do that. I would break my neck or something. We actually had to sign a contract, which said that whatever possible injury we would sustain would be our own fault haha.



And last but not least, they have this huge airbag that you can jump into. It’s hilarious to watch other people try to get off the airbag. You can’t walk property on that thing. You keep falling.


I have to say, we were exhausted and sweaty after the one hour session! But we had an amazing time.

Have you ever been to an indoor trampoline park?

Love, Izzy


Address Jumpsquare:

Van Musschenbroekbaan 2


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