When I was still in high school I had this tendency to spend my entire summer behind my computer playing Sims. I still love and play the game, but not as often as I used to.

This summer I had a plan: I would do as many new things as possible. So far, I’ve already been on the newΒ roller coaster The Baron (while I’m afraid of heights), I had my first indoor trampoline park experience at Jumpsquare, I visited the Dutch navy with my aunt who was aΒ marine and I traveled to Groningen; a city way up north that is simply too far away for any practical purposes (or at least, that is the stereotype).

The fun isn’t over yet, and in the meantime I already started planning a whole bunch of stuff for next year too.

6 Things to Look Forward to in 2015/2016



I’ve planned a little trip to Tallinn (Estonia) with my mom. I grew up in Tallinn and I still have a few relatives there. I haven’t visited them in 3 years so it’s about time I go see them. My mom packed so many presents that she hasn’t got room left for her own things haha. Luckily she can fit her stuff into my suitcase.

I adore Tallinn. It really is a gorgeous city. I love the pink Baroque Palace and its surrounding gardens in Kadriorg. I love taking a stroll through the Old City and the new modern areas. There really is a big contrast. The Old City looks almost medieval, but all the new malls and buildings surrounding it are very modern. You can find pictures of Old Town here.


Things to Look Forward to

After my trip to Tallinn, I’ll have to pack my bags again since I’m heading over to Paris for a couple of days. This time I’ll be traveling with a friend. I dedicated a whole post to this already, that’s how excited I am.

I’m planning on visiting many different attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, Montmartre, the Palace of Versailles and many more. I don’t know whether we’ll be able to visit all of these attractions in the short couple of days that we have, but we will try.

Holi Fusion Festival

I’ve actually never been to a festival before. Shocker, I know. But, hey, there is a first time for everything! Holi Fusion just looked like a lot of fun and the profits of the festival will go to charity.

My mission is to become a pink oompa loompa during this festival. But before I can get myself covered in pink powder I really need to find a cute white festival outfit.


I don’t know who came up with this idea but my graduation is in October while I graduated in July. Agh well, I guess I now have a lot of time to find the perfect dress. Although I was actually planning on recycling a black lace dress that I own… decisions decisions.

Imagine Dragons Concert (2016)

Things to Look Forward to

In 2013, I fell in love with Imagine Dragons so I had to be part of their EMA performance. I even had my 3 seconds of fame since, at the end of their performance, you can see me jumping up and down while I’m screaming and clapping haha.

I was expecting them to only play Radioactive for on TV, but instead they decided to play 5 other songs before we went live. It felt like a mini concert. I started to love them even more after that. At least they care about their fans.

I’m going to see them again at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on the 5th of February (2016).

Dutch Comic Con (2016)

Marvel fans, DC fans and comic book fans from the Netherlands can’t just fly to San Diego to be part of the San Diego Comic-Con. Well, some people can, but I surely don’t have the money. Finally someone decided to launch a Dutch Comic Con. This year (Dutch Comic Con 2015) was the first edition. It didn’t go very smoothly in all areas, but it was still loads of fun.

Dutch Comic Con 2016 will have a bigger venue, I’m expecting more people to show up, and I’m hoping to see more people in cosplay. Lots of people weren’t really sure what to expect at the first Dutch Comic Con so not everyone dared to bust out their costumes. I didn’t cosplay either.

A whole bunch of my friends want to go next year. Everyone even made outrageous cosplay plans. I stand by what I said before: I still want to cosplay Harley Quinn someday. But I’d have to buy everything since I can’t make the outfit myself haha.


Be prepared for some travel posts, which will come your way in August. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t reviewed any beauty products or lipsticks in July, it’s because I’m saving for Tallinn and Paris. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll buy lots of new stuff to review while I’m in Tallinn or Paris.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer.

Love, Izzy

Jumpsquare: Indoor Trampoline Park
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