Sometimes, after a long and exhausting week full of walking, your feet might need a bit of TLC. You could take a bath and relax, but I unfortunately don’t have a bath. Instead, I love to soak my feet in a hot footbath.

I purchased JOIK’s Warming Footbath Salt with Ginger & Mustard while I was in Estonia. JOIK is an Estonian brand that uses all natural ingredients.

JOIK Warming Footbath Salt with Ginger & Mustard

The packaging is minimalistic. It’s a simple transparent plastic jar with a black lid. But this lives up to the company’s style. They like to keep things pure and minimal. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

The powder does have the color of mustard, but when you open up the lid you’ll sense a strong ginger smell. I always forget what a sharp smell ginger has, but I do like it.

You’re supposed to add 1-2 spoonfuls to a bowl of water and let your feet soak for a while. Normally, my feet start to turn cold when the water starts to get cold (that’s when I take my feet out), but after this footbath my feet stayed really warm for a good 10-15 minutes. I’ve put on some fluffy socks to elongate this effect. I think you should pop your feet into this ginger & mustard bath before you go to bed. You’ll be all warm and cozy.

JOIK Warming Footbath Salt with Ginger & Mustard is also a great exfoliator for your feet. The salt works its way into the dead skin cells. When you wipe your feet with a towel, you can see the dead skin cells peel off easily.

JOIK Warming Footbath Salt with Ginger & Mustard

On JOIK’s website is says “we appreciate ancient skills of using nature to the best advantage of health and wellbeing but evolve continuously and create products that suit modern people and carry emotion.

I really love that because when I was little, my mom used to tell me that I should always keep my feet and neck warm if I didn’t want to get a cold. Whenever I did get ill, she would bring out the patches of death. That might be a little melodramatic, but it’s how I called mustard plasters. They really weren’t that bad, but as a kid you never want to drink cough syrup or do anything that might help you get rid of a cold.

I’m not even sure if people still make mustard plasters anymore, let alone use them. But it was a popular health remedy when I was growing up. And it worked. It really did speed up the healing process.

What those mustard plasters and the JOIK Warming Footbath Salt with Ginger & Mustard do is improve blood circulation and relieve tension. In addition, it warms the affected area and gets rid of all the toxins in that same area.

Yeah, I believe in the power of mustard. How cheesy did that sound?!

Love, Izzy


There are 6 stores in the Netherlands that sell JOIK products. Find them here.

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