When a friend asks you to go have muffins, you go have muffins. It doesn’t matter if you have to drive for a whole hour to get there.

I’m not sure if the moral of this story is 1) keep your friends close or 2) do anything for food.

Either way, my day was filled with a whole lot of sweet goods.

Mugs & Muffins


The instructions were as follows: find a place where we can sit, drink coffee, and eat cake. So Mirella found Mugs & Muffins. Sounds perfect!

Not the best place to go to when you’re indecisive as it’s really difficult to pick only one muffin. Will you go for a cappuccino muffin? A chocolate chunk muffin? Or maybe you’re a blueberry crumble type?

But you may also like the other 6 flavors, and there’s also cheesecake and brownies… I’m not helping am I?

I picked the raspberry surprise muffin and I don’t regret my choice. The muffin was so moist, big and delicious! I loved it. Although I know I could have gone for seconds.

I also loved how the place looked. It had a little homy vibe: Huge window, black and white kitchen tiles, a couple of big comfy armchairs. And don’t forget the relaxing 20s music in the background. I can see myself lounging here every day with a cup of coffee and a muffin (and let’s face it: a textbook since uni is about to start).


I had my second helping on our way home. No, we didn’t have a second muffin. We got cupcakes! We walked by a cupcake shop and couldn’t resist (this is why I can never stop working out. I will get fat if I cancel my gym membership).

The Little Cupcake Shop


I feel like I should start a cupcake series. Or a cupcake-off. I mean, I keep going to cupcake shops. I already found two different shops this year: one in Utrecht (Sweet Things) and one in Breda (A Cup of Cake). So The Little Cupcake Shop is the third one.

This means that The Little Cupcake Shop has some large shoes to fill haha.

It’s the smallest out of the three since there wasn’t a whole lot of place to sit, but it’s called The Little Cupcake Shop for a reason! No false advertisement there! The guy behind the counter was so nice. He patiently waited for us to pick one cupcake. This did take a while since the cupcake selection is huge. They have 12 flavors to choose from! There’s Forest FruitLemonCaramel, Nutella(!), Blueberry and a couple of others. I picked Twix because I love chocolate and caramel.

It really hurts to say this but the cream cheese on top was a little too sweet for me. This doesn’t mean that it’ll also be too sweet for you. Maybe you’ll love it, and I’m definitely not going to judge a store by one cupcake. I want to try the others as well. Especially the Nutella one!

I’ll be back.

Love, Izzy


Mugs & Muffins and The Little Cupcake Shop

Address The Little Cupcake Shop

Plein 1944 199a



Address Mugs & Muffins

Pauwelstraat 4,

6511 KW Nijmegen

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