Social conventions dictate that I should wear dark lipstick in fall.

My brain wants me to wear a lipstick that matches my soul (which is black) 24/7.

No I’m just kidding. At least I hope my soul isn’t black…

MAC Film Noir isn’t really black though. It is rather brown. A reddened brown, to be precise.

Where is Effie to shout THAT’S MAHOGANY? I think mahogany is a good term forΒ Film Noir.Β 

MAC Film Noir

Film Noir is a satin lipstick. I’ve noticed that most of my MAC lipsticks are either satin or matte. I find it very convenient when you don’t have to reapply a lipstick too often. Film Noir will definitely last up to at least 4 hours, but it might start to feather a bit along the edges after an hour or so. If you have a dark pencil, I’d advise to line your lips. You’ll also need to build up the color. I applied about three coats to achieve full coverage.

I somehow always gravitate toward the darker lipstick colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pink and orange lipsticks, but I love my vampy lipsticks even more. I simply like how it looks against my skin tone (or maybe I just never grew out of my goth phase).

Film Noir Lip Swatch

Normally, I swatch the lipstick on my hand and lips, but you might have noticed that the hand swatch is missing.

On my hand, the lipstick looked brown. You couldn’t see the red tone. That’s why I decided not to include it.

Let’s talk about swatch pictures for a bit. A lot of people love to see swatches, but a few of us don’t care for them. That’s because a lot of bloggers don’t color correct their photos (so I’m told). This means that the lipstick photo won’t match the color that’s on your lips.

I didn’t color correct in the beginning either. You blog and you learn. And even when you do color correct the picture, a lipstick might still look different on someone else.

Oh and there’s also this screen settings issue. My screen might be set brighter than yours. Your contrast ratio might be set higher than mine. All of that does influence how the swatch picture looks.

That’s why I understand that some people don’t include swatch pictures at all (doesn’t matter whether they review a lipstick, a blush or an eyeshadow palette). I like to include swatch pictures because it can give people an impression of how it might look and I hope that people do keep in mind that it might look different on them. You can never really know if something looks good on you unless you try it out anyway.

But now I’m curious. Do you prefer posts with or without swatch pictures? Please let me know in the comment section.

Love, Izzy

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