Remember that time when I talked about wanting to be more creative. At that point I wanted to take up drawing again, but not everyone likes to draw and some people believe that they can’t draw so they don’t like the activity. One thing that we can all do is write. And guess what, we can also be more creative with words.

I purchased 712 More Things to Write About while I was in Amsterdam this weekend. It’s a quirky little journal full of fun and thought-provoking writing prompts.

712 more things to write about

As you can see, it’s very minimalistic. You have a couple of writing prompts per page and some lines or blank squares to write on. This means that you can easily treat this book as a Wreck This Journal and write, color, or do whatever you want on every single page.

A fan note to a celebrity chef, requesting a recipe for your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary

Dear Jamie Oliver,

I’m a horrible cook. I would like to prepare a nice dinner for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary without poisoning them. Can you help a girl out?

Yours Sincerely,


The challenge is to complete each writing prompt in 5 to 10 minutes. I convinced myself to write down the first thing that comes to mind, which is really hard in some cases. You think of something, you want to write it down, but then you think of something else and you don’t know which story or scenario is best. According to this book, that is the state of writing.

Feed ME

It’s a great book to work on when you need to relax. It takes your mind of things since you need the brain power to come up with a story. At the same time you get to relive happy and sad moments in your life as some of the writing prompts are rather personal:

You’re playing truth or dare with yourself. What’s the one truth you’d be afraid to tell, and the one dare you’d be afraid to act out?

Write the names of five people you’ve been jealous of

What where you thinking the first time you made out with someone?

You could treat this book as a journal. Nobody apart from you will know which things are fact or fiction.

Other writing prompts are just silly and amusing to write:

The advice Hippocrates gives Achilles about his vulnerable ankle

Consider a person you dislike and write a scene in which they lose their beloved dog

If a toilet could pray, what would it pray for?

There are also lots of opportunities to write short stories:

Write dialogue in which one person proposes marriage, and the other says no

Take the last line of your favorite story you have written and use it as the beginning of a new story

Outline the sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

I can’t wait to start on the last one, but for now I’m going to write about chocolate.

Love, Izzy

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