I always have this feeling like I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch shows like Pretty Little Liars or Orange is the New Black.

I’ve seen the first 5 episodes of PLL and I thought it was boring. I’m sorry, but it didn’t appeal to me. Besides, the fandom has already ruined the show for me by making # … is A a trending topic. Why would you do that?! That’s awful. So now I know who A is, without having seen the show.

You know how I know that I really like a TV series? I’ve purchased the box set. I thought it was worthy of a place in my cupboard haha.

So without further ado. Let’s take a look at my favorite TV series.

My Favorite TV Series

Favorite TV Series

Prison Break (4 seasons) – starring Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, William Fichtner, and Robert Knepper

Due to a political conspiracy hottie #1 Lincoln Burrows is sent to death row. But have no fear, hottie #2 Michael Scofield, who turns out to be Lincoln’s brother, deliberately gets himself arrested and sent to the same prison in order to break both of them out.

This TV series is well thought out, it has some amazing(ly hot) actors, and they keep surprising you. It’s well worth the watch!

My rating: 8.5

IMDb rating: 8.5

Revenge (4 seasons) – starring Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Madeleine Stowe and Nick Wechsler

As a young girl, Amanda Clarke witnesses how her father is being taken away from her and framed for blowing up a plane full of people. After her father’s death, Amanda takes on the identity of Emily Thorne and makes it her mission to exact revenge against all the people who wronged her father.

I must warn you that you might develop trust issues after watching this TV show. Don’t trust anyone! Except for Nolan! Nolan is the best friend we all wish we had.

My rating: 8

IMDb rating: 8

House M.D. (8 seasons) Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps Jennifer Morrison and Olivia Wilde

Meet doctor House. The most antisocial, ill-tempered yet brilliant doctor ever. This guy doesn’t even like his own patients, but he will do whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases; it really won’t matter how unorthodox the method is. Each week he and his team will tackle some new medical mystery.

If you love a good medical drama and you’re fluent in sarcasm, then you need to check out this show. Hugh Laurie does an amazing job portraying this odd but lovable doctor.

My rating: 9

IMDb rating: 8.9

Favorite Ongoing TV Series

GothamBen McKenzie, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, Camren Bicondova and Donal Logue

If you’re a fan of all things Batman, then you need to check this out. We all know how Batman came to be, but what about James Gordon? What’s his story? What did he do and more importantly what did all the villains do before Batman’s arrival?

You’ll be able to find out if you watch Gotham.

May I just say that the cast is brilliant. They look so much like the Batman characters, especially Penguin and the Joker. Perfectiooon.

My rating: 8

IMDb rating: 8

Sherlock  – Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott

This story is the most easy to summarize: Sherlock Holmes is now solving crimes in 21st century London.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a marvelous Sherlock Holmes. I knew that he was a good actor, but this is simply brilliant. And Watson is now a blogger. That’s so clever. This entire show is witty and clever.

My rating: 9.5

IMDb rating: 9.3


Our spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen goes missing during a boat trip with his dad. They are both presumed dead, but then Oliver returns five years later, full of scars and bad memories. During the entire season, we see flashbacks of where Oliver has been and it ain’t always pretty. He is a changed man now, who is determined to clean up his city.

It looks like I have a preference for TV series based on comics. Although I have to admit that I didn’t even know that the Arrow existed until I saw the first episode of this series on TV. I got hooked though and I’m still loving it.

My rating: 7.5

IMDb rating: 8.1

What are your favorite TV Series?

Love, Izzy

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