I’ve talked about a bunch of different scrubs on my blog, and in my latest scrub post a few of you mentioned that your favorite DIY scrub is grounded coffee bean scrub. I’ve never tried a coffee scrub before so it felt like it was about time I’d purchase or make one myself. Or maybe just try both haha.

I purchased the Uplifting Body Scrub with Coffee & Brown Sugar by JOIK. So technically I am cheating a little bit since it’s not just grounded coffee but also sugar. But hey, I guess it’s the best of both worlds, right!?

Coffee Scrub

JOIK is an Estonia brand. I have tried one of their products before (the Warming Footbath Salt) and I loved it. So we’re giving this brand another shot.

This product has the exact same packaging as the footbath salt. It’s a transparent plastic jar with a black lid. Very minimalistic, which is JOIK’s style.

You can probably guess what the scrub smells like. It’s no rocket science. It smells exactly like coffee.

On the back it says that it’s an uplifting body scrub with grounded coffee, brow sugar and moisturizing oils. It effectively exfoliates and nourishes the skin, leaving it clean, soft and smooth. Sounds good, right?!

I’ve heard that coffee scrub can also temporary reduce the appearance of cellulite. I have cellulite on my upper thigh, but you can only see it when I pinch the skin. I’ve started using this scrub about a week ago, so I can’t say whether it reduces cellulite yet. So far I’m not seeing any difference. But I’d love to know if any of you have seen some improvement if you’ve been using coffee scrub for a longer period of time.

It doesn’t only make your skin feel soft and smooth, but also rather firm.

Now I know why people love coffee scrub so much. My skin feels amazing.


You can always make this type of scrub yourself. Simply mix olive oil or coconut oil with grounded coffee beans. That’s it. Easy peasy. It should give you the same results.

The only scrub I need to try now, is a salt scrub haha. Can anyone recommend me one?

Love, Izzy

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