October may have been rather stressful, but a lot of fun things happened as well.

Let’s not dwell on the less happy things and recall the blissful moments.

October: 6 Happy Things


It turns out that my mom is lactose intolerant, which basically means that a woman who is a huge chocoholic (that’s were I get it from) can’t have chocolate anymore, or milk, or butter or yogurt (jeez louise, what can you guys eat?!).

It also means that she can’t eat all the stuff that I bake since it’s usually full of butter, chocolate and milk.

So I’ve been trying out a bunch of lactose free recipes and I have to say lactose free brownies are pretty good (when you don’t add too much oil #oops)!

Christmas Arrived Early This Year

I was procrastinating watching gameplay videos on YouTube when I stumbled upon a horror game called Until Dawn. I’m not a huge fan of horror movies or games, but it’s fun to get the heart racing from time to time. And Hayden Panettier and Peter Stormare (John Abruzzi from Prison Break) are characters in this games, which is pretty cool. It looked super awesome and the story seemed promising.

So I stopped watching the video and went to the store to buy the game.

But then I realized that it’s a PS4 game!

I don’t have a PS4.

Well, I didn’t have one.

But now I have.

Merry Early Christmas.

You all now know what I’m going to do on Halloween, all day long. I’ll try to keep all the characters alive, I promise.

6 Happy Things


I finally received my bachelor’s degree and stuffed myself with food to celebrate that.

I’m a MA student now and that’s basically what’s been causing all the stress this month.

Ice Princess

I’m no Michelle Trachtenberg, but I LOVE ICE SKATING! (If you haven’t seen the movie Ice Princess, go watch it now. It’s super cute).

‘I love ice staking’ doesn’t equal ‘I’m a pro’ since I don’t even know how to stop on ice skates, but hey that’s what the wall is for… bump into it and look at that you’re standing still.

I do want to get better so I’m planning to teach myself how to skate backwards, how to do crossovers and maybe a spin. OK, let’s not go overboard.

Midnight Showing

It’s almost happening: The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2.

I’m so excited to see the ending and obviously a little sad because it will, well, end. I’ll need a whole lot of tissues.. and nachos to get me through this movie.

My cousin and I are going to the midnight showing. We had a couple of problems with that since our locate movie theater decided to cancel (WHY?!!?) the whole affair while we (and a bunch of other people for that matter) had already purchased our tickets.

We did get a super friendly we’re-sorry-email , a refund and free movie tickets. So we’re still going to see THG at midnight, but at a different movie theater.

Murder Mystery Party

OMG! I love Murder Mystery Parties!!

A friend of mine is hosting one soon and guess why I’m a suspect.

‘You didn’t see it coming, it happened in a blink of an eye; you became addicted to Jelly Beans. You were capable of doing anything to support your addiction.’

I had no idea that my love for Jelly Beans was this OBVIOUS, but yeah, I did it, it’s totally me.

Love, Izzy

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