Well,  A LOT!

What can I say?! I love food.



I have so much energy right now and I’m so happy.

I might be a little bit high on chocolate…

High Choc

A long long time ago I visited a lovely Dutch city called Breda and I fell in love with the Chocolate Company Café; a chocoholic’s heaven.

It was rather late at that point and I had to catch my train back home so my friend and I didn’t get the chance to sit down, chillax and stuff ourselves with chocolate.

This time it was our only objective.

I’ve been to my fair share of High Teas, so we decided to try the High Choc instead.


It’s almost winter. Almost time for hot coco. So why not start a little early?

Do you see all these chocolate spoons? You get to pick whichever flavor you like at the High Choc!

It was a lovely surprise since I thought that we would simply get some kind of regular hot chocolate.

I love hot chocolate with cinnamon so I picked the cinnamon hotchocspoon. It’s honestly the best flavor combination!

High Choc

Let’s take a look at all the yummy food we ate, shall we?

It’s wasn’t all sweat, we got some lol, one savory dishes. I’m not complaining I love sweets.

We got to share tasty pinwheel sandwiches. Luckily for me they weren’t all filled with salmon since I don’t particularly like fish. But the cheese and Serrano ham sandwiches were delicious.

Each of us got two pieces of cake; cheesecake and chocolate brownie cake.

The cheesecake was alright (it’s rather hard to find the perfect cheesecake), but I really LOVED the brownie cake. It was so moist.

I love the fact that we got little pieces of toast to sample some of their signature chocspread. They have like 12 different flavors, maybe even more. You might get a different chocolate spread every time you come in for a High Choc, which is pretty cool.

We got caramel almond, our neighbors (who were also having a High Choc) had speculoos chocspread (some of you might know it as Biscoff Cookie Butter; according to Buzzfeed it’s what you get when you mix peanut butter with Christmas) and the couple next to the window had brownie chocspread. My friend was resisting the urge to swap our spread with theirs. I was resisting the urge to simply eat the stuff with a spoon.

You can’t have a High Choc without a chocolate fondue. And you can’t have a chocolate fondue without strawberries.

See Mom. I ate fruit. I’m being healthy!

Never mind that we also ate a bunch of mini marshmallows and cookies covered in chocolate.

I had a lovely day. The staff was super nice to us, the owner walked around and chatted with everybody, and now it feels like it’s weekend while I still have to go to uni today. Bluh.

Love, Izzy

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