It’s sort of my birthday this week.

Yup, Izzy is turning 23 on Saturday.

It’s not a particularly exciting age, but it should still be celebrated.

I’m not the kind of person who shies away from birthday wishes. As far as I can remember I always liked celebrating my birthday.

While everybody else has already started making their Christmas wishlist, I still have another list to make.

My birthday wishlist.


Birthday Wishlist

Cards Against Humanity

I had so much fun playing this game online with a bunch of other bloggers.

I’m not sure whether I should admit this since it’s a rather horrible game…

It’s basically a party game where you have to fill in the blank statements. Only the answers aren’t exactly sugar, spice and everything nice. Some of the cards have mature content and if you’re easily offended, you shouldn’t play this game.

But the more offensive your answer, the more likely you’ll win the round.

The game can make you feel guilty at times.

Chocolate Cake

You have to have cake on your birthday.

That’s our ultimate birthday rule.

A party without cake is just a meeting.

We stopped buying chocolate cake because nobody ever wants a piece. Everyone always wants apple pie boring!

Well, this has to change.

This year I’m getting chocolate cake and I’ll eat the whole damn thing on my own if I have to. please let nobody want a piece haha.

Harry Potter: The Coloring Book

Harry Potter is a part of Christmas. Every year I reread all the books during Christmas break.

Coloring books have been quite the hype this year, but can you believe that I still don’t have one?!

The Harry Potter coloring book looks so pretty and fun.


Lately I’ve been obsessed with flowers. I love the smell of roses in my room.

MAC Lipstick

Fuel my OBSESSION people and contribute to my MAC lipstick collection.

I promise I will love you in return haha.

Right now, I’m collecting all the dark shades. Dark Side and Smoked Purple are on my lipstick wishlist. And I still need to check out the Dark Desires collection. Does anyone have any idea whether Black Night has an even coverage?!

Real Technique Brushes

I’m in desperate need of new brushes and the Real Technique Brushes are the best. They are so soft. I love them.

Now it’s time to count down the days till my birthday.

Love, Izzy

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