This year I decided to venture into the enchanted world of beauty advent calendars. Some of you may have seen my beauty advent calendar post, and some of you haven’t.

To keep things short; I decided to buy my first beauty advent calendar and I picked the L’Occitane beauty advent calendar.

Why L’Occitane, you ask? Because I wanted to get to know the brand.

This is going to be an unboxing kind of post. I’ll show you what I got and we’ll talk about whether it was worth the money.

In total I got 17 beauty products and 7 little gifts.


L’Occitane Beauty Advent Calendar Review


Day 1: Ultra Rich Face Cream (10ml)

Dry skin loves shea butter. That’s what I keep hearing.

This moisturizer only contains 25% shea butter and it didn’t do much for my skin. To be fair, my skin isn’t dry at the moment. How can it be when it’s practically spring outside (temperature wise). I’m kind of bummed that we didn’t get a white Christmas, but, hey, at least my skin is happy about it.

Day 2: Shampoo Dry and Damaged Hair (35 ml)

This shampoo smells like candy. Not gonna lie, I love that haha.

But I have to admit that I haven’t tried this one yet. Nor the conditioner that I got on day 9.

I’ve read some reviews and people have mixed feelings about this shampoo. Some people get pretty and soft hair after the first wash, others hate this product because it makes their hair dry.

You’ll never know whether something works for you until you try it.

Beauty Advent Calendar Review

Day 4: Delight Rose hand cream (10 ml)

This is probably my favorite hand cream out of all the different hand creams in this calendar.

The rose smell is kind of overpowering, so if you don’t like the smell of roses don’t buy this. You’ll smell it until your hands have completely absorbed this product haha. The white cream has a thick, butter-like consistency.

What I love most about this products is that it doesn’t leave your hands feel greasy.

And again this product also contains shea butter.

On day 4 I got this feeling that L’Occitane is mainly for people with dry skin.

In total, this advent calendar contained five hand creams. On day 8 I got the Pivoine Flora hand cream. It’s a peony-scented hand cream, and we all know that it’s like the rule of blogging to love peonies. All jokes aside, it’s a great product. This one also has a strong scent. The consistency is like a milky lotion.

I got the Cherry Blossom hand cream on day 10. This one isn’t as moisturizing as the other two hand creams mentioned above, but if your hands only need a teenie weenie bit of love then it’s an alright moisturizer.

I got the fourth hand cream on day 17. It was the Delicious Hands hand cream. This one contains almond milk. It has the same qualities as the Delight Rose hand cream, but the same milky consistency as the Pivoine Flora hand cream.

Day 22 brought me the last hand cream, namely the Dry Skin hand cream. It’s the only one I haven’t tried yet, but it looks a lot like the Delight Rose hand cream so I’m convinced that it’ll be a good one.

You only need a pea sized drop of any of the cream for both hands, which means that these hand creams will last quite a while.

So many people adore L’Occitane hand creams and now I understand why. They are amazing.

Beauty Advent Calendar Review

Day 5 Milk Extra – Gentle Soap (50 g)

Most soap bars dry out my skin, but not this one.

I adore the Milk soap bar since it keeps my hands and body moist.

On day 12 I got another soap bar, Jasmin Soap, which I haven’t used yet since I still have a chunk of the Milk soap bar.

Beauty Advent Calendar Review

Day 6 Shower Oil Cleansing and Softening (with almond oil) (35 ml)

This shower oil smells divine!! It’s sort of fruity, yet sweet. I can smell lemon, sunflower, and almonds! This is how I imagine that forest fairies smell like haha.

It’s a gorgeously scented, moisturizing foam. I love it.

Day 13 Ultra Rich Body Lotion (30 ml)

This is a nice creamy body lotion with a pretty weird smell. It smells a bit like baby powder and I really don’t like the smell of baby powder. It takes a while to sink in, but overall it’s a decent moisturizer. Not my favorite product in this calendar, but you can’t love everything, right?!

I do adore the other body lotion that I got on day 15. It’s the Verbena Body Lotion. I love the verbena scent. It basically smells like lemon, but it’s also weirdly sweet. It’s wonderfully moisturizing! Window number 20 also contained a Verbena Shower Gel! I was very pleased with that.

Beauty Advent Calendar Review

Day 14 Foot Cream Dry Skin (10 ml)

Great product! It moisturizes your feet and leaves them feeling soft!

Day 19 Moisturizing Lip Balm (3 ml)

Another great product with shea butter. It has a gel-like texture and smells (and tastes (a)) sweet. Dry lips will love this.

Day 24 Pivoine Flora eau de Toilette (5 ml)

Oh my god, it’s a miniature perfume bottle. How cute!! And it smells amazing!

Beauty Advent Calendar Review


I got 5 gift tags, a bow to hang in the tree, a nail file, a star shaped pastry cutter, set of 10 stickers, glitter, and place cards.

The gift tags came in handy during Christmas. Didn’t need the place cards because it was just me, my parents and the dog this Christmas. I’ll save them for next year!

Love the nail file! I love having long nails so I have to look after them.

Well, and who doesn’t love stickers and glitter. I’m sure they’ll show up somewhere on my Instagram haha.

The star shaped pastry cutter is super cute. Who doesn’t like to bake Christmas cookies around Christmas?!

Beauty Advent Calendar Review


Did I like all the products? No. But I liked most of them.

Was it worth the 38? I don’t think L’Occitane ripped me off. Most of the 30 ml hand/foot creams cost 7.50. Five 10 ml hand creams and one 10 ml foot cream equals 2×30 ml of product that would already cost me 15.

Like I said before, I wanted to get to know the brand. I wanted to know why people love it, in particularly the hand creams, so much. And I’m very pleased with the variety of products that I got.

Will I purchase full sized products? Yes, definitely. I want the Delight Rose hand cream, the Foot Cream Dry Skin and the Moisturizing Lip Balm, just to name a few.

So, did you get a beauty advent calendar? Will you purchase one next year? Or don’t you think it’s worth the money?

Love, Izzy.

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