A famous person once said: ‘Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness, even the purest hearts are drawn to it.’

By famous I mean a hot fictional vampire named Klaus, but let’s put that aside for now.

Oh and he was probably referring to the fact that people do awful stuff to others, but let’s not talk about that either. Let’s talk lipsticks instead.

Dark lipsticks.

Black Lipstick: Yay or Nay

Until recently Cyber was the darkest lipstick that I owned, (I LOVE Cyber! It’s purple and dark and sooo pretty. I can’t life without it.) but I needed an even darker lipstick.

(SEE! I’m drawn to darkness! Klaus is right.)

My wishes have been heard because I got Black Night for my birthday! (Bless my friends haha.)

And you can’t go darker than that since it’s black.

Black Night is a cremesheen lipstick, so it’s a creamy and sort of shiny lipstick.

I honestly thought that I would be put off by the glitter, but the shimmered black color is actually really pretty.

It seems like a lot of people hate this lipstick because they claim that it has an uneven coverage and that it’s sheer.

Well, yeah. That’s true, when you apply one layer.

If you want to have an even opaque coverage you have to do a lot more than applying one layer of lipstick.

Here is what I normally do:

Step 1: Primer! How else do you expect the stuff to last all day?!

Step 2: Pencil! Line your lips, or even better fill them in. Use a black pencil eyeliner if you have to. This way it won’t bleed, it will last longer, and it will look opaque and clean.

Step 3: Apply black lipstick.

Step 4: Don’t eat or drink anything all day. Or put a straw in your water bottle. Yes, I actually do that.

And that’s it.

Even though I love black lipstick I haven’t been able to wear it during the day. I think I might give my teacher (and some of the students…) a heart attack if I do. Not to mention all the people who pass me by on my way to uni. I’m already the only girl in class who even wears lipstick. Can you believe that?!

Maybe I’m going to try to create some kind of red and black ombre lip and pretend to be the vampire that I’m not. But I kind of also want to shock people (a). 

Black lipstick is just so artsy and daring.

What do you think? Yea or nay to black lipstick?

Love, Izzy

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