It’s Friday morning. I wake up. I had a good night’s sleep and I’m feeling great. But then I pick up my phone and see this message: ‘Where are you? Are you coming to class today?’

SHOOT. I forgot about the 9 am lecture.


Awh well, what can you do about it?! It happens #sorrynotsorry.

Although this has never happened in my entire life, so basically I ruined my flawless attendance record. Boo hoo.

But this event did inspire this blog post, so yay.

We all forget something once in a while, right? But some things we ALWAYS forget. So here are the 6 things that I always forget.

6 Things That I Always Forget

6 Things That I Always Forget

To Turn Off Silent Mode

My phone is almost always on silent mode and I simply forget to turn it off, which result in me never answering the phone.

So just text me please.

Listen To My Voicemail

You think you’re smart by leaving me a voicemail when I don’t pick up, but I won’t listen to it.

I’ll get the text saying ‘someone has left you a voicemail’ and I’ll just put my phone back in my pocket (bag, I mean who can still fit their phone in their pocket these days?!) and forget about it.

Answer My Emails

I read the email, I make up some kind of answer in my head, but then I forget to actually answer the email.

I ought to hire someone who can do all of these things for me haha.


Numbers are not my thing.

I can’t memorize phone numbers. I’m bad at math and history, so obviously I also forget everyone’s birthdays.

Happy belated birthday to whoever I didn’t congratulate yet (a).

To Attend Blogger Chats

Most of the time I simply forget about the Twitter chats.

But these chats also don’t always work for me timewise.

My spin class starts at exactly the same time as most chats do, so I can’t join in.

And my Dutch life schedule doesn’t always fit in with the British chat schedule. And that’s a bummer because I love to chat with everyone.

To Water the Plants

This is why I prefer to buy flower bouquets.

I killed most of Mom’s plants while she and my dad were on holiday.

But luckily I didn’t forget to feed the dog.

What are the things that you keep forgetting? Let me know in the comment section below :D.

Love, Izzy.

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