Warner Bros. Studio Tour London Making of Harry Potter‎


I packed my bags, went to London and visited the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Making of Harry Potter‎!!

This has been on my bucketlist for ages! But nobody ever wanted to go (some people didn’t even know that it existed) or nobody was like “hey, let’s just do it!” until my friend S was like “let’s go on a Harry Potter Holiday!”

Saying “no” wasn’t even an option.… Read the rest


Paris is a beautiful city. A little crowded underneath the Eiffel Tower, but still beautiful.

Last week, about 80 other people and I boarded a bus to Paris. I’ve never been on a bus/coach holiday before, but I must say that it’s really convenient to have someone pick you up at the end of the day to take you to your hotel. Just make sure not to miss the bus (like we almost did due to “miscommunication”).… Read the rest

Kadriorg, especially the Kadriorg Palace, has always been one of my favorite attractions in Tallinn. It’s in walking distance of Tallinn’s Old Town so we always stop by the park before or after we’ve visited Old Town.

Kadriorg Palace was built for Catherine I of Russian by Peter The Great, but for a very long time I pretended that it was built for me.… Read the rest

Tallinn Old Town

I’ve probably been to Tallinn (Estonia) one time too many, but I will never get bored of the city. Whenever I visit I have to take a stroll around Tallinn’s Medieval Old Town. It’s so mesmerizing.

You’ll find medieval churches, art galleries, restaurants, cafés, shops, museums and more in this part of town. Locals dare to follow the gray brick road in heels, but I prefer to roam around town in my trustworthy Converse.… Read the rest