Happy Things

I can’t believe it’s December tomorrow. Time flies by when you’re addicted to Netflix.

I’m not complaining though. December has always been my favorite month!!

We’re one step closer to my birthday, Christmas and New Year! SO FREAKING EXCITING!

And don’t forget Christmas break. I’m sure lots of us are in need of a break by now. (I know I am.)

Today we’re looking back on all the fun stuff that happened in November.… Read the rest

Why I Loved Autumn when I was Little

Autumn doesn’t really happen until you’ve had that Pumpkin Spice Late, took a picture of your feet on a pile of leaves and wore burgundy lipstick with your matching checked scarf.

That’s what autumn is about most of these days.

But when I was little my interests lay elsewhere.

Autumn meant

Jumping in a Puddle

Because splashing water all over yourself and your friends is fun.… Read the rest

Beauty Products I Always Restock

I love trying out new beauty products from time to time, but over the years I also fell in love with certain beauty products that I now can’t live without. I make sure to squeeze out the very last bit of product before it goes in the bin.

This week I decided to share the 6 beauty products I always restock. I’d be surprised if not one of these is on your favorites list.… Read the rest

October may have been rather stressful, but a lot of fun things happened as well.

Let’s not dwell on the less happy things and recall the blissful moments.

October: 6 Happy Things


It turns out that my mom is lactose intolerant, which basically means that a woman who is a huge chocoholic (that’s were I get it from) can’t have chocolate anymore, or milk, or butter or yogurt (jeez louise, what can you guys eat?!Read the rest