University students, who have to attend morning lectures, often tend to enter the lecture hall holding their phone in their right hand and their morning coffee in their left hand. Some of us really live on that stuff (thank you, Starbucks…). Similarly, when we go out, it’s usually for a cup of coffee. We tend to reserve tea for a relaxing evening. It’s quite logical though since tea contains less or no caffeine compared to coffee. We like to be hyped up and energetic in the morning, but we want to wind down in the evening.

Nonetheless, tea seems to be making a comeback. A couple of years ago, bubble tea was all in the rage and since then I’ve been spotting lots of tea bars around me.

The Tea Lab

Currently, the most inventive tea bar that I’ve spotted is The Tea Lab in Rotterdam, and I have to share it. The Tea Lab has a bunch of different teas, ice teas and bubble teas to choose from, but if you’re feeling a bit creative and adventurous, you can also make your own tea by combining different flavors.

Basically, you create your own tea on a touch screen monitor installed in the shop and order that tea at the bar. My friend, Charlotte, felt like having caramel apple tea, and guess what, you can pick Granny’s Apple tea as your base and add caramel flavor.

The Tea Lab

The Tea Lab is also a perfect place for lunch or a study session. They have a bunch of sandwiches, cakes (red velvet!), salads and even yogurt. There is plenty of room to sit, and everything is so bright and welcoming.

Love, Izzy

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