When we were younger, there was always someone to read us stories. Now that we’ve grown up, we are able to read them for ourselves. Some of us like to read so much that our book collection only keeps expanding.

Last year, my bookcase was so full that I had to buy a second one. However, I still want more books; even though I haven’t started reading many of the books that I already own. The problem is that I never know which book to read next, or I simply don’t have the time to read; and, when I don’t read, I look for more books to read and buy those first.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends told me that something called a TBR-jar exists. Basically, you write a bunch of book names on scraps of paper, and put them in your To Be Read jar. The challenge is to empty the jar by the end of the year. Consequently, I decided to make one for myself.

What you need

1) Pen
2) Paper
3) Jar

You can keep it really simple, or get colored pens and paper. Similarly, you can decorate your jar, if you feel like it, but you don’t have to.

I didn’t have colored paper. Instead, I used post-its. Cut off the sticky part and you’ll have two to three pieces of paper to write on.



Challenge: Guess the Books behind the Jar.

Now for a little twist. If you’re like me and you can’t stop buying books, but you know that you have to. Then, make a TBB-jar (To Be Bought Jar). But, only draw a piece of paper, let’s say, once a month? Two months? You decide.


Have fun.

Love, Izzy

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