A good hand lotion does not have to be expensive. I realized that when I bought the I love… raspberry & blackberry hand lotion by I Love…Cosmetics.

On the back it says: “I love… raspberry & blackberry super soft hand lotion. Directions: smooth my rich and nourishing hand lotion onto your hands after cleansing or whenever skin feels dry.”

In winter, I use this product daily. It really does prevent my skin from drying out. My hands always feel soft and moisturized after I use this hand lotion. I also adore this lotion because it quickly sinks in. You apply it, wave your hands around for a few seconds and you can continue doing whatever you were doing because your hands won’t feel sticky or greasy. I feel like you have to wait for ages before your hands are grease free when I use any other hand lotion.

I Love...raspberry & blackberry hand lotion

I Love… products do have a really strong scent. I can image that not everyone is a fan of that (although I am), but it’s a quality that the products are know for. James Brown, founder of I Love…Cosmetics, wanted to create fragrances that evoke happy memories and positive emotions in a person’s psyche. I think that he succeeded; the products smell amazing.

I Love...raspberry & blackberry hand lotion

This has been my favorite lotion for quite some time now; I might actually never switch to another one.

Retail Price:

UK: £1.99

NL: €3,95

Love, Izzy

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