Sin and 10 Berry Freeze are two of my favorite fall/winter lipsticks. At first, I thought that Sin was a burgundy color, but when you swatch it, it turns out to be a dark shade of red. I also thought that the 10 Berry Freeze lipstick looked a bit brownish, but yet again, on the lips it’s a soft berry/coral-like color.

That’s why it’s important to swatch, ladies.

Mac Sin

clinique 10 Berry Freeze

Sin has a matte finish; therefore, it’s quite a long lasting lipstick. It can easily last up to 6 hours, which is amazing. Do consider applying lip primer or lip balm beforehand; your lips will be thankful since matte lipsticks are the most drying of all the standard formulas. A lot of people often buy a lip pencil especially for this lipstick, but I don’t think that’s necessary. When you apply it really carefully or with a lip brush the edges can look clean.

10 Berry Freeze has a creamy consistency, so it’s easier to apply. It’s a long lasting lipstick that hydrates your lips (that’s a big plus). Below you can see that it’s also a bit shiny, which I don’t mind. This lipstick is so light that you’d almost forget that you’re wearing it. I love it.

Sin and 10 Berry Freeze

Mac Sin Lip Swatch


Clinique 10 Berry Freeze Lip Swatch

Clinique 10 Berry Freeze

You can definitely wear these lipsticks during the day. However, tone down your eye make-up when wearing Sin, otherwise it may be a bit too much. Needless to say that when you apply more layers, Sin will turn out darker than in my lip swatch picture.


Sin: € 19,00

10 Berry Freeze: € 23,00

Love, Izzy

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