It’s almost Valentine’s Day; and, whether you love it or hate it, I’m going to write about it.

It’s interesting to see how your perception of Valentine’s Day changes as you grow up. In primary school, Valentine’s Day was not a big deal. Everybody could be each other’s Valentine and it wouldn’t mean anything.

In secondary school, things started to get complicated since some people really didn’t want to be single on this day. On top of that, at my school, lovers were able to send one another (red) roses with a telegram. So instead of four Candy Canes, Glen Coco would get four red roses.

I always thought that this was a really cute and harmless idea; you’d see girls lighten up or redden when they received a rose. Their friends would freak out, and be like “OMG! Who’s it from!?” But then I also noticed that other girls in my class really wanted that rose. Some of them seemed disappointed when they didn’t get one, or started hating the girl who did get a rose.

Valentine Lollipop

Because of this, I decided to start my own Valentine’s tradition.

On Valentine’s Day, I gift something to my close friends. Usually, I buy something small and edible like heart shaped lollipops. The first time I did this was still in secondary school. Some of my friends thought it was silly, but everyone was still thankful. The year after, I actually got Valentine gifts in return. Once, I brought a jar full of heart lollipops and basically handed them out to anyone who felt left out on Valentine’s Day. Even my economics teacher was like “I didn’t get anything for Valentine this year…”

Now, I’m an university student and I’ve kept the tradition alive. Last year, on Valentine’s Day, my uni-friends and I went out for lunch, and guess what; I was not the only one who bought gifts.

Instead of moping about Valentine’s Day or cursing all the couples, you can always do something with or for your friends/family to have a nice Valentine’s Day.

Spread some Valentine’s Day love people.

Love, Izzy

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