My first bottle of body mist was gifted to me by a friend. It was the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Candy Baby Body Mist. At that point, I never heard of body mist, but luckily the bottle had directions on the back.

Body mist is not perfume. You spray body mist on your body (shocker) after you shower. It’s a conditioner that hydrates your skin as well as moisturizes it. You don’t have to rub it in; simply spray the watery consistency onto your body. It really feels refreshing.

Most sprays are heavily scented, but the fragrance doesn’t last as long as perfume. That’s why body mist tends to be cheaper than perfume.

Body Mist

I love the Body Shop body mist because it’s so basic. It really smells like the bottle says that it’ll smell. If you pick Strawberry, you’ll get a strawberry scent. If you pick Pink Grapefruit, you’ll smell the grapefruit. You get the gist.

So, yeah, I did pick the Strawberry body mist. This body mist comes in a glass bottle, which is sort of fancy for the Body Shop since most packagings are plastic. The only downside is the duration of the scent; it doesn’t last very long.

Victoria's Secret Body Mist

Victoria’s Secret does put some thought into their packaging. The body mist bottles always looks so girly and elegant. They also trigger your curiosity because you can’t immediately tell what they’ll smell like.

I’ve decided to try Noir Tease from The Little Things Collection. Tease has a sweet and fruity scent; but honestly, I can’t distinguish what it specifically smells like. I do like that though because you kind of feel mysterious and sexy while wearing it. Is that weird?

You can also buy this body mist in a mini travel version; plus, there’s an eau de perfume.

Body Mist

If I had to pick one of these, I’d go for Tease because Tease has a stronger scent than the Body Shop body mist and the scent lasts longer. And I guess I’m a little bit bias towards Victoria’s Secret anyway because my first body mist was from Victoria’s Secret.

I may never be a VS Angel, but I can smell like one (a).


Body Shop: €12,00

Victoria’s Secret: $25  –> €22,11

Love, Izzy

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