TV commercials, TV shows and movies have become my new source for music. Sometimes commercials, promos or trailers have great soundtracks. So I just sit there with my phone, waiting to Shazam the song.

It’s funny how different the songs can be. I mean, they can be from completely different genres and still appeal to me. Usually I go for pop music, but the artists below have challenged my preference.

Discover Music February Edition

Christina Perri

Christina has a pop vibe, but others also label her music as alternative rock or soul. The first Christina Perri song that I heard was Jar of Hearts and I’ve been hooked ever since. What I like about Christina is her lyrics. She can have really cute lyrics like in the song Penguin or meaningful lyrics like in the song Human. And, omg, guess who stars in her new video for The Words?! I’ll give you a hint: he’s the hottest pirate ever! Once Upon A Time’s Captain Hook. Killian. Aka Colin O’Donoghue. Go check it out. Overall, her songs are so calming.


Odesza consists of a duo named Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. Their songs are often used in commercials. I guess you can fit Odesza into the electronic music genre and I had no idea that I liked this type of music until I heard Odesza. Although, I must admit that I don’t like all the songs; but, the ones that I do like are so addictive and have a dreaminess about them. The vocals are usually glitched-out. When I have to take the bus in the early morning and it’s super crowded, I tend to listen to Odesza. Everyone around me is then missing their morning coffee and looking grumpy, but I’m all mellow.

Parov Stelar

Parov is an Austrian musician. All Night was used in a perfume commercial and was the first Parov song that I’ve heard. His songs are inspired by soul, pop, jazz and swing. They do sound very modern though. Again, I didn’t expected that I would like this kind of music, but somehow Parov’s songs just make me want to bust out my flapper dress and go to Jay Gatsby’s party.  I especially get this feeling while listening to Booty Swing.

Do you ever listen to songs that you don’t expect to like, but end up loving?

Love, Izzy


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