I’m an university student, so of course I’m often stressed out and I don’t get enough sleep. But no matter how fabulous my sunglasses look, I can’t wear them to lectures to hide my dark circles.

I often get free Clinique samples when I purchase other products. That’s how I came in contact with Clinique All About Eyes; it was part of a promotion set.

It worked for me so I’ve been restocking and using it for 6 years now.

Clinique: All About Eyes

This product doesn’t claim that it can make your dark circles disappear, but it definitely reduces circles and puffs. My circles are not as dark as they used to be and my eyes haven’t been puffy in ages.

It also says that it should reduce wrinkles, but as I don’t have wrinkles (yet) I can’t say whether it works or not. But hey you have to start combating wrinkles early because it may benefit you as you age.

Prevention is key.

Clinique: All About Eyes

15 ml

The gel comes in a little glass container. You have to scoop it out with your finger and lightly tap it onto your skin. Or, if you’re worried about hygiene you can always use something like a cotton pad/swab (or you can just wash your hands…).

The formula is lightweight and cool, and it leaves your skin smooth and soft. When you apply too much it can turn out a bit greasy, but luckily you don’t need to apply a thick layer. A tiny amount is enough.

It also works well as a makeup primer, so that’s a big plus.

Some people tend to avoid Clinique products because they’re considered rather pricey, but you have to take into account that they last for quite a while. I bought this one in December, been using it twice a day and as you can see in the picture it’s still almost full. I think that the money is worth it.

If you’re worried that the product may not work for you, you can alway try and ask for a sample. If you don’t ask the answer is always no. They tend to give me samples when I ask nicely or have a chat about my skin problems or Clinique (or any other) products.

Love, Izzy



Clinique All About Eyes: € 33,95

The sunglasses are from Katy Perry’s Prism Collection.

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