The skin around my nose and chin irritates me the most. Why? Because it’s always red!

Facial redness is commonly triggered by spicy foods, stress or alcohol. Our skin also reacts to weather conditions, pollution or make up.

Clinique products often work wonders for my skin so I decided to give the Clinique Redness Solution Daily Relief Cream a try. But even though I love Clinique products, I didn’t dare to commit right away since this product is like 47 bucks. So, I asked for a sample and got one. The sample lasted for two weeks and my skin loved it.

Clinique Redness Solution

Clinique products are 100% fragrance free.

The Redness Solution Daily Relief Cream has a green formula that neutralizes redness. Like the Clinique All About Eyes gel, the Redness Solution oil-free moisturizing cream only reduces redness (it’s very cool and calming), so you have to keep using it to maintain the results. Over time it’s also supposed to give you a more even skin tone.

I apply it twice a day, in the morning and evening (my primer is becoming slightly redundant since both Clinique All About Eyes and the cream work well as a make up base), and I can definitely see results.

I love this product because it works well for my sensitive skin. The redness around my chin, nose and even around some of my pimples disappears or becomes less prominent. My larger looking pores are actually shrinking.

Since I normally only use it for my chin and the area around my nose, I feel like this product it going to last forever because you get 50 ml. So it’ll be worth my money.

Clinique Redness Solution

The Redness Solution line has something for everybody. Apart from the cream, there’s a foundation, a pressed powder, a cleanser and more. However, I was told that if you really want to target redness you should stick to the cream.

Have you tried anything from the Redness Solution line? Has it worked for you?

Love, Izzy

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