Ron: “There’s no one like Krum! He’s like a bird the way he rides the wind! He’s more than an athlete! He’s an artist.”
Ginny: “I think you’re in love, Ron.”
Ron: “Shut up!”

Yup, that happened. This weekend. At the Dutch Comic Con. I’m still fangirling, like Ron. Stanislav was so nice, and shy, and BUFF (and he wore a Slytherin t-shirt hahaha -thumbs up-)

Some guy decided that The Netherlands needs a Comic Con, so he organized one. How cool is that. I’m a huge fan of all the Marvel and X-men movies. Batman, Arrow, Gotham. I watch it all. That’s why I had to be part of this.

Apart from Stanislav Ianevsk, a bunch of actors from different TV series showed up: Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad, Osric Chau from Supernatural, Michael Cudlitz from The Walking Dead. Caity Lotz cancelled like two days before the con!! That sucked big time since I love her on Arrow.

Dutch Comic Con

Giancarlo Esposito, Joseph Gatt, and Michael Cudlitz (Bluh, I really need to work on my paparazzi skills)

You can’t compare the Dutch Comic Con to the San Diego Comic Con, yet. I mean, all the cast members from movies and TV series show up at the San Diego Comic Con panels. You just have to keep in mind that this was the first edition of the Dutch Comic Con. For all we know, it could have been a major disaster (which it wasn’t). They start small and who knows maybe next year all the Arrow cast members will make an appearance and I’ll faint at the sight of Stephen Amell.

Another thing that Comic Cons are known for is cosplaying. I love seeing all the different costumes. Some people spend years making one, it’s impressive (like, I can’t even sew). At the Dutch Comic Con, a bunch of people dressed up as their favorite heroes or villains; but, these lovely people decided to become Disney characters. I’d totally want to be Rapunzel for a day (chase everyone with my frying pan).

The three girls on the right (Warrior Else, Warrior Anna and Warrior Rapunzel) participated in the cosplay competition. That’s one of the things that you could do at the Dutch Comic Con. You could also play all kinds of video games, watch movies, attend celebrity Q&A panels, count all the people who dressed up as Deadpool and spend money on stuff that you don’t really need but really want to have anyways.

Dutch Comic Con

Oh! And this girl got a zombie makeover. Creeepy. I wonder what people on the streets thought when they saw her. They’d probably take a picture or slowly back away…

Dutch Comic Con

I couldn’t leave the con without buying some props. Whatever prop pops into your head right now, they probably had it. DVDs, mugs, posters, sculptures, games, comics, jewelry, and so on.

I got myself another Batman t-shirt, a Mjölnir (aka Myeuh-muh) key chain (Thor), Katherine’s lapis lazuli necklace (The Vampire Diaries) and The Kill Order (This probably seems totally random). If I see books, then I buy books. I’m a book addict OK?! I finished The Maze Runner a long time ago, but I haven’t read the prequel yet.

Dutch Comic Con

Dutch Comic Con

Have you been to a Comic Con before? Did you cosplay? I’d love to dress up as Catwoman or Harley Quinn. Maybe next year hahah.

Love, Izzy

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