Everyone always freaks out when they see my nails. Nobody believes that they are real, but they still ask the million dollar question: “What do you do to get them that long?”

I never really thought that I was doing anything special, but it seems that I have picked up a few things along the way that I will share below.

1) Don’t Bite Your Nails.

This is like a major DUH, but I had to put it in anyway. Your nails will never be able to grown if you bite them. So, STOP IT!

2) Avoid Water

I had a job where I had to clean tables every day using water. So, I had a bucket of water that I put my hands in for like a full hour. My nails didn’t like it and I’ll tell you why. Our nails soak up water. The longer your hands are underwater, the faster it will push apart your nail layers. As a result, your nails will start to peel apart and crack. At the same time they’ll get weaker and they might break more easily.

So, the next time someone asks you to do the dishes, you just run away.

3) Vitamin B is your Friend

Weakened nails might be the result of a vitamin B deficiency. Needless to say that a moderate vitamin B intake might help harden your nails.

Vitamin B is not only good for your nails, but also for your hair and skin.

4) Don’t use Nail Polish (too often)

This may spark some controversy. I keep reading posts that say that you do need nail polish or nail hardener to grow your nails faster, but I disagree. Your nails will be a bit stronger yeah and I guess most of us think that we’re protecting our nails from any damage by using nail polish. But, it doesn’t make them grow any faster. Hardened nails may even break more easily. The moment you smack them into something they’ll break since they’re so hard.

Plus, whenever I wear nail polish for a long time and I take it off, my nails become all soft and yellow. They tend to break more easily after that as well.

(How many times have I said the word break so far? I feel like that gym teacher from Mean Girls. Only now I’m like: “You will apply nail polish and your nails will BREAK.” All jokes aside, let you nails breathe).


5) Don’t Forget your Nail File

I have a file in every bag that I own and I also have a particular way of filing my nails. As you can see in the picture, my nails are rather square but the outer corners are rounded. Sharp or scruffy edges can catch on stuff, and we don’t want that. I’m also not a fan of rounded nails. The pointy top tends to be weaker since the tip is narrow. It may bend more easily and break.

6) Hand Cream

A lot of people apply cuticle oil to saturate the cuticles, but I’ve never done than. Instead I stick to hand cream. It keeps your hands soft and moisturizes the cuticle area as well.

These were my tips, let me know if some of these worked for you in the past or if you’re going to keep some of these in mind. BTW, if anyone’s wondering, the only thing that I can’t do with these nails is type on a touchscreen. I have a whole lot of embarrassing spelling mistakes and I’ve actually given up on correcting them. People just need to accept that I won’t ever be able to type.

Love, Izzy

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