You know, sometimes you want to do something different. So instead of a lipstick, I wanted to buy a lip gloss. I was looking for something that would moisturize my lips, have a bit of shine to it and enough color.

Eventually, I stumbled upon the Lip Lover range from Lancôme.

Lancome Lip Lover

The Lip Lover gloss has a three-in-one elixir formula; it’s hydrating like a lip balm, has the shine of a lip gloss and the color you’d normally expect to have from a lipstick. Or at least that’s what this range promises you, and I think that they do deliver on their promise.

I picked the shade 333 Rose Des Nymphes, but there are 15 more shades to choose from. I also wanted to buy 402 Rose Bagatelle, but it was sold out -sobs in the distance-.

I’m seriously in love with the silver round lipstick case! It’s so classy and fancy looking. You even have to push a button to open it (I keep trying to twist the lid though). It also comes with a arrow tip sponge brush applicator, which is super soft.

Lancome Lip Lover

Don’t go overboard on the application. Just swipe to the right, swipe to the left and done. It will bleed if you apply too much.

Don’t wear it when it’s windy or pull your hair back. It’s a lip gloss people, your hair will stick to it. That’s the sacrifice we make for a pretty lip gloss. But it’s not sticky on the lips though! The formula is kind of creamy.

It’s also very pigmented for a lip gloss! I feel like it even has a bit of a plumping effect (-insert your own Kylie lip filler joke here-). Pair it with the right lipstick shade and your lips will look amazing. You can probably also create a lovely gradient lip look using this gloss.

Lancome Lip Lover Lip Swatch

Overall, I really like the look. You know how a lipstick can make you look classy or bold. Well, this dewy gloss kind of makes me feel cute, innocent and girly.

It’s moisturizing and it can last up to three hours.

Love, Izzy

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