There are a lot of tag posts out there, but my favorite has to be the what’s in my bag tag. And since everyone lets me “nose around” in their bags, I though I’d show you mine.

Maybe it’s a girl thing but I do know that I carry way too much stuff with me. And if I have to, I can fit almost as much into a small bag as I can fit into a large bag (Hermione taught me the spell).

I actually took stuff out of the picture. My bag collection also include a pen, USB flash drive, water bottle, nail file, powder, pain killers, post-it notes and… post stamps? Yeah, sometimes you do find weird stuff in your bag…


Nonetheless, let me take you through my bag essentials.


I don’t know if any of you have the app called Happening, but it’s basically an app that lets you play a bunch of games with your friends. There’s this Ranking Game (which is pretty funny) and I scored 1st place in “who’s most addicted to her phone“. You can also rank yourself and score Know Thyself points. I did place myself in 1st place, so I did see that one coming.

My phone is my watch, my ipod, and my diary. Not to mention that I play a bunch of games on it.


There are so many places where you can get stuck for hours: train, bus, college, waiting room, just to name a few. So a book always comes in handy! I’ve finished reading A Study in Scarlet by now and I really want to read the rest of the Sherlock Holmes books. Seems like a good way to pass the time while we’re all waiting for season 5 to air (if you don’t watch Sherlock, go watch it now. This adaptation is pretty good).

Hand Sanitizer/Tissues

This one time, me and my friends went out to dinner and one of them goes “do you have the thing?” I’m officially the hand sanitizer dealer.

I distribute hand sanitizer and tissues if you need them.


I’m always hungry.

Lipstick/Lip balm

I’m not hiding my love of lipsticks. Even when I’m not wearing lipstick, I have a few with me just in case. I might change my mind and want to wear one anyway.

I do almost always wear lip balm when I’m not wearing lipstick. I don’t want my lips to be dry or chapped so I take great care of them. At the moment my favorite is the Keep Calm and Rock On lip balm by Rimmel. I’m also trying out Pixi’s Tinted Brilliance Balm in the shade Orchid Petal (it smells heavenly!). All of these are tinted lip balms, btw.

What can I say, I love that pop of color on my lips.



I’m sort of blind without my glasses. I won’t be able to see the lecture screen, if it’d leave those at home. And yes I also have 3D glasses in my bag. We quiet often go to the movies and I’m always the one who forgets her 3D glasses (you get a discount when you’ve got your own), so I decided to just leave them in there.


You never know when a blog idea pops into your head or when you need to write down something important. I love my phone, but I don’t like using the notepad that’s on there. STATIONERY <3

Are these also your essentials? What did I miss that I totally need to have in my bag?

Love, Izzy

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