I feel like it’s time for another Discover Music edition. Every few months I share some of the music that I’ve been listening to.

I mostly share artists or songs that I recently discovered. Some of these artists may have been around for a while, so you may already know them.

Discover Music June Edition

Just like Jhené Aiko for example.

She is an American singer and songwriter who has been singing since 2002 (although she mostly sang contributing vocals back then). A few weeks ago, I saw her in Omarion’s Post To Be video and look-wise she kind of reminded me of Zoë Kravitz (who plays an amazing Christina in Divergent and Insurgent). It’s the first time I heard of Jhené and I really liked her voice in Post To Be, so I went over to her Vevo channel to hear more.

I’m not that much of an R&B fan, but I really liked Jhené‘s vibe. I recently downloaded the song Wading and been listening to it non-stop.

Spotless Mind, It’s Cool and Lyin King are also a few of my favorites.

I’m also rediscovering Tom Odell.

A year ago I found this cool YouTube Channel called TheSoundYouNeed. They had a remix of Tom’s song Another Love. I’ve been listening to that version for ages, but now I’ve decided to listen to the original and I still like it.

Tom is a British singer and songwriter, who apparently only debuted in 2012. His music probably fits into the indie pop category. Some of you might unknowingly already heard his song Heal since it was featured on the If I Stay movie soundtrack.

I hope that you guys enjoy some (or all) of these songs and let me know if you’ve discovered or rediscovered (new) artists or songs lately.

Love, Izzy


Random Bonus:

I think I may have found the new 1D member: Shawn Mendes. YT’s autoplay function send me to this. Usually I always end up with Taylor Swift… does that happen to you as well? Maybe she paid YT!


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