I don’t only use tea in all kinds of DIY beauty remedies. I’m actually a regular tea drinker with a huge green tea stash. But, last week, I got a bit bored of all the green tea and I wanted to try out something new and different. Which is why I ordered tea from the Tea Bar.

Tea Bar

The Tea Bar is a store in Amsterdam, where you can buy all kinds of teas. They have different kinds of white tea, black tea, herbal tea and, yes, green tea. It’s practically a M&M store. The difference is that you fill your bag with loose leaf tea instead of chocolate.

You can go to the store or you can simply place an online order. In the meantime, you sit on your lazy bum and wait for the delivery guy to show up. That’s what I did anyway. I must say that their delivery service is fast! I got my package the day after I placed the order. Good service Tea Bar good service -thumbs up-.

So, I might have never been to the store, but I have tried some of their tea before. The Yoghurt Barn (aka my frozen yogurt heaven) serves a selection of tea from the Tea Bar.

Tea Bar Tea Bags

I ordered the flavors Pink Fizz, White Delight, and Mon Cheri. All three are fruity teas, so I guess I have a preference haha.

Pink Fizz – Herbal tea/Fruity

Pink Fizz is a herbal tea made from apple, kiwi, cherry, cranberry and coconut. I wish I could describe the HEAVENLY smell to you!! You open up the bag and your entire room fills with this amazing sweet fruity scent. I could seriously just sit in the kitchen like a retard and smell that bag the whole day. That’s how much I love the smell.

You’ll only need one tea spoon of this loose leaf tea for one cup of Pink Fizz. I let it brew for 6 minutes and voila; my tea is ready. I must say that after you brew Pink Fizz, it mostly tastes like cherry and cranberry. It’s nonetheless delicious!

White Delight – White Tea/Fruity

White Delight is made of apple, pineapple, bamboe leaves, spearmint, rubus leaves, roses, and marigold. This tea also has a fruity scent, but it’s not as strong and sweet as Pink Fizz. These people should really consider starting a scented candle range though because this tea also smells like heaven. However, after you brew the tea (brewing time: 5 minutes), it actually starts to smell and taste more like mint than anything else. I’m a fan of mint tea so I really liked it. Out of the three teas that I ordered, White Delight is probably my favorite.

Mon Cheri – Herbal Tea/Fruity

Mon Cheri is a herbal tea made from apple, rhubarb, rose petals, heath flowers, lime-tree blossommarigold, safflower, and mallow. You can probably guess that this tea smells like a flower garden. If you were a fan of eating dirt and grass as a child, this tea will be perfect for you. No, I’m just kidding. It tastes good. Mon Cheri actually used to be my favorite before White Delight came along (Mon Cheri was one of the flavors that I already tried at the The Yoghurt Barn).

You need to brew Mon Cheri for at least 6 minutes. I’m not a tea brewing expect, by the way. A little label on the back of the tea bag tells you how long you need to brew the tea, which is super handy!

Tea Bar Tea

Tea Bar

The tea prices range from 3 to 5 euros per bag. Some fancy teas are more expensive. The White Jasmine Pearl tea is 12, for example. Maybe I’ll try it someday when I’m not a poor student…

But, OK, the price depends on how much gram you want and how fancy the tea is. The bags that I ordered were 50 gram each. I paid €8.03 for the tea and €5,85 for the tins. I didn’t have to buy those, but they seemed so cute and functional. Now I have a great way to store the tea.

Are you a tea fanatic? Or can’t you function without coffee?

Love, Izzy


Adress The Tea Bar Store:

Haarlemmerdijk 71,

1013 KC Amsterdam

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